Supply Chain Management MSc Program

Name of faculty: Kautz Gyula Faculty of Economics
Language of instruction: English
Type and name of degree: Certified Supply Chain Manager
Duration of studies: 4 semesters – Full time program
Degree (BA, MA, PhD, etc): MSc

Introduction of the program

Outstanding learning opportunity

From 2017 September begins our new Supply Chain Management master program. The central feature of the Program is its integrated approach concerned logistics, business management, and supply chain. The Program covers a broad range of subject areas in disciplines including logistics, transportation, forwarding, purchasing, distribution, global economics, decision sciences, research methodology, etc. By the most of the courses students can receive input from ‘experts by experience’ in strong collaboration with the industrial partners of our university. Project-work in small group on real cases is a relevant part of the program. Beyond the courses trainee programs, practice-focused research, student grants, competitions are provided for the students by the academic and business organizations.

Excellent staff

Our professors enjoy strong collaborative relationships with industrial and service partners from automotive and other technology-based sectors, also from logistics, shipment, transportation, forwarding companies. They practice their subject areas through a wide range of activities, including a combination of practice in consultancy and advisory work, research, and membership of relevant national and international organisations. Wherever you are thinking to learn logistics and supply chain management in master level, this is definitely the place to go on your study.

Career opportunities

The excellence of Supply Chain Management master program is evidenced by the National Accreditation Committee, and high levels of student employability. More than 90% of our graduate students go on to work and/or further study to Doctoral School within six months of getting master degree. The master supply chain managers are demanded, also in SME-s and global multinational companies. There are a lot of job opportunity in local and international firms in Hungary and wherever in the world with the competitive logistics and supply chain skills. The starting salaries are definitely higher than the average of other beginners (Leavers Follow Survey from 2012)

Structure of studies

The Program contains 4 semesters (with two intakes per year): between February and May, and between September and December. The total number of credits needed to complete the program is 120 credits. For the subjects and the structure of SCM master studies see figure 1.

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