Hungarian Film Club a great success among international students of Széchenyi István University

A year ago, Széchenyi István University launched a Hungarian Film Club for its international students, which has been a great success with them. The aim of the event is to bring young people from abroad studying in Győr closer to Hungarian culture and history through films such as "The Boys from Paul Street", "Freedom, Love", "Island of Good Hope" and others.

The international student community at Széchenyi István University has been growing steadily in recent years. Currently, young people from 70 countries study at the institution.

The institution organises many programmes for them. One of these is the Hungarian Film Club, which was launched a year ago, where students can get to know important works of Hungarian cinema, with English subtitles or dubbing.

Thanks to the support of the university, the works can be viewed free of charge.

"The aim of the series is twofold: on the one hand, we would like to bring Hungarian culture and history closer to them through the films, and on the other hand, to motivate them to learn the Hungarian language. It is compulsory for our international students to attend the Hungarian language and culture course offered by the university and the film club complements this course”, said Dr. Emese Bukor, the coordinator and instructor of the course.

In the past year, young people from abroad have had the chance to see important films such as The “Sons of the Stone-hearthed Man”, “Boys from Paul Street”, „Freedom, Love” and “Kincsem”. Last autumn, they were delighted to meet the director Géza Kaszás and see the film "The Horsearcher", directed by him. Following the most recent screening of the independent Hungarian film "Island of Good Hope" the audience had the opportunity to ask questions from Dimitri Ljasuk, the author, director, cinematographer and main character of

the film.


Part of the audience of the film Island of Good Hope with its creator

"This was our eighth event and our most successful one. More than 60 people saw the film, which had its English dubbed premiere. Many questions were put to Dimitry Lyasuk, who said he had received a very positive response and felt the message of the film had been conveyed.", Dr Emese Bukor added.

"This is a wonderful film that teaches you to discover yourself and overcome your fears. It was an incredible visual experience. The fact that Dimitry came to meet us, wearing the same clothes as in the film, made us feel like we were part of the story. By highlighting the contrast between nature and urban life, the work encouraged us to appreciate the simple things that matter most," said Mahmoud Ali, a Master's student in Automotive Engineering at Széchenyi István University from Syria.


Students also took selfies with Dimitry Lyasuk.

"The film focused on being close to nature, which I really liked. The message of the work gave me more ideas for my current architectural project, especially how I could help people living in cities in Hungary," said Akimkhan Boztay, a Master student of Architecture from Kazakhstan.

"This wonderful film shows us the beauty of life, what it means to truly love our own company, and that when the time comes, we need to let go of the things that hold us back. It reminds us of how small, yet simple things can mean so much happiness. Thank you Ljasuk Dimitry for this wonderful film that reminds us of all we miss in our everyday lives!" - shared Gowtham Gunasekaran, a Master's student in Automotive Engineering from India.

The programme was also a great experience for the filmmaker.

"I am grateful that so many students came to watch the film. I was honoured by their attention and feedback on the film. It was good to see that people from other cultures understood the message and its spirit. Dozens of people gave me their personal opinions and feelings, I got lots of questions and they shared their own stories. The open-minded audience showed me that the message of the film is universal and that it has something to offer in other countries and cultures. I am confident that it will succeed internationally as well. Thank you to the international students of Széchenyi University thank you to the university for inviting me- said Dimitry Lyasuk.

Ali Mahmoud, Dimitry Ljasuk and dr. Emese Bukor

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