Stipendium Hungaricum


The mission of the Programme

The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme was launched in 2013 by the Hungarian Government. The core mission of the programme is to increase the number of foreign students in Hungary and to encourage Hungarian higher education institutions to attract top foreign students; currently, more than 80 sending partners are engaged in the programme. The main web page of the programme is here.

Thousands of students from all around the world apply for higher education studies in Hungary each year.

In the academic recent year, numerous students can begin their studies in Hungary in the framework of the Stipendium Hungaricum Programme.

The Programme is managed by Tempus Public Foundation.

Stipendium Hungaricum scholarships are available for bachelor, master, doctoral and non-degree programmes (preparatory and specialisation courses). Available programs at the Szechenyi Istvan University in the program 2022 - 2025:

Bachelor level:

  1. BSc Vehicle Engineering
  2. BSc Civil Engineering
  3. BSc Logistics Engineering
  4. BA International Relations
  5. BSc Business Administration and Management
  6. BSc Agricultural Engineering
  7. BSc Food Engineering

Master level:

  1. MSc Vehicle Engineering
  2. MSc Mechanical Engineering
  3. MSc Computer Science Engineering
  4. MSc Computer Science
  5. MSc Infrastructure Engineering
  6. MSc Architecture
  7. MSc International Economic and Business
  8. MSc Supply Chain Management
  9. MSc Marketing
  10. MSc Business Informatics
  11. MSc Regional and Environmental Economic Studies
  12. MSc Tourism Management
  13. MA Flute Performance
  14. MA Clarinet Performance
  15. MA Violin Performance
  16. MA Pianoforte Performance
  17. MA Trumpet Performance
  18. MA Design
  19. MSc Electrical Engineering

Doctoral level:

  1. SzEEDSM (Széchenyi University’s Doctoral Program in Management)
  2. Doctoral  Programme in Transport and Vehicle Sciences
  3. Doctoral  Programme in Informatics
  4. Doctoral  Programme in Civil Engineering Sciences
  5. Doctoral  Programme in Crop and Horticulture Sciences
  6. Doctoral  Animal Sciences
  7. Doctoral  Food Sciences

You can find detailed information about the language and academic requirements and of all - not only Stipendium Hungaricum - international academic programs, offered by the university on this webpage:

In the case of the Stipendium Hungaricum programme, you don't need to apply directly to our programs. Please, follow the Stipendium Hungaricum application instructions, and the coordinator, Tempus Public Foundation will directly forward your application to our university.

2025/2026 Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship program's application instructions is already closed (15 January 2024 2.00PM CET)



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If you are already studying in Hungary with a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship, and you wish to change your studies at the Szechenyi Istvan University, please choose and complete the suitable online form:

Information for Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship students at Szechenyi Istvan University:

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