Facilities at the university


The University has at its disposal more than 40 engineering laboratories of which a large number have been modernized via EU projects They can be used not only for educational purposes, but also to promote scientific collaboration with companies in the region. Moreover, free internet access is available for all students of the University and there are numerous rooms equipped with computers both for academic instruction and for use by students.


The library as the university’s education and research support background institution completely fulfills its function with its state-of-the-art equipment, both collecting and cataloguing documents as well as providing the technical and IT background.

Over the 4.500 m2 space at the disposal of users there are around 750 seats, 250 computers with wifi internet access, 300,000 documents (books, theses, PhDs, standards, CDs and DVDs), 500 journals, both separated and common study areas, six media-boxes and 15 research rooms.

Besides printed documents, there are 41 online, mostly full-text databases covering the university’s entire educational materials. Most databases can be used on-campus, some only in the library.

More information: http://lib.sze.hu/


The University provides a unique sports facility-network for physical education:

  • The Training Hall equipped with a gym open to all students
  • Kayaks and canoes can be rented for rowing
  • Facilities for aerobics, callanetics and pilates in University Sports Hall
  • The Sports Hall open for physical ed­ucation sessions and available for student leisure / sports activities
  • Power and cardio-room on second floor of the Hall
  • An off-campus sports centre has ath­letics, football, handball, basketball courts, gym and martial arts room
  • The mirrored gym and gym hall in the building of the Faculty of Humani­ties are open for students’ use
  • Gym inside the Halls of Residence, available according to the season
  • The new swimming hall


More information: http://tsk.sze.hu/


The seven buildings (5 on campus and  2 off campus), provide accommodation for 3,000 students in double occupancy rooms. This structure makes it suitable to accommodate paying guests as well, especially in the summer.

The two new buildings (K0 and K1) house 560 rooms, arranged in two-room apart­ments. Each apartment has a bathroom. The units are so arranged that from the entrance hall separate entrances lead to the bathroom, the toilet and the two rooms. Large well-equipped communal kitchens are situated on each corridor and a laundry room fitted with washing machines and dryers is also available for the convenience of students.

The new on-campus Hall of Residence provides high-standard accommodation for all international students who re­quest it. The aim was to create a complex space which students can regard as not only as a dormitory but also as a “home” where everything is available for them: learning, entertain­ment and culture.

More information: http://kollegium.sze.hu/


The Student Unions represent the interests of the students at each level and in each body of the university. The Student Council asserts students’ legal rights, decides on the allocation of state support and assists in dealing with the educational and social concerns of students.

More information: http://ehok.sze.hu/


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