Széchenyi István University ranks among the best thousand universities in the world

Category: News Created: 2021.06.09 14:06

Széchenyi István University is among the top 1000 in the latest world rankings of QS, the higher education rating organization. The success of the institution is mainly due to the high-quality education it provides and its excellent reputation among corporate partners.

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Széchenyi István University Professor strengthens Turkish relations

Category: News Created: 2021.06.01 08:39

Dr Imre Tolnay, professor in the Department of Architectural Architecture at Széchenyi István University was invited to join the jury of a photo competition announced by the University of Kayseri in Turkey. He believes that such international collaborations can enrich teaching staff and students.

The strategic goal of Széchenyi István University is to increase its global visibility, which is also helped by the established and increasingly close collaborations with foreign universities. How did the contacts between you and the Turkish Erciyes University in Kayseri come about?

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Róbert Varga moving towards scientific fame on Széchenyi broadband

Category: News Created: 2021.05.25 12:07

vargarobert3.jpgNew perspectives in the field of remote diagnostic procedures have been opened up with a development in health innovation by Róbert Varga, having first aroused interest in the profession last Autumn. From September, the student of electrical engineering will continue his studies on the Master's programme at Széchenyi István University, Győr. According to his plans, the satellite laboratory in Győr could be the cradle of new scientific discoveries.

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Huawei presents new technology at Széchenyi István University

Category: News Created: 2021.05.17 10:36

At Széchenyi István University, Győr, as part of World Telecommunications Day, Huawei Technologies Hungary gave a presentation of its new technology, enabling broadband internet to reach households much faster than previously. Operating on up to 5G, AirPON combines wired and wireless technology to help telecom service providers deliver the Internet wirelessly from a given cable endpoint to homes, public buildings and industrial buildings - reducing network deployment time by up to a third. Hungary will be the third country in Europe to have such technology, which will be next year widely employed on a global scale.

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