President of the Republic Katalin Novák visits Széchenyi István University

President of Hungary, Katalin Novák, visited Széchenyi István University’s Albert Kázmér Mosonmagyaróvár Faculty to learn about the new dimensions of agriculture and the benefits of the change in the structure of the higher education. The President of the Republic engraved her signature on the legendary farmer's table.

At the invitation of the people of Mosonmagyaróvár, as a first stop on her country tour, President of the Republic Katalin Novák visited Győr-Moson-Sopron County to commemorate the victims of the '56 volley. Since the city and the county can rely on Széchenyi István University like a strong bastion, she also visited the Albert Kázmér Mosonmagyaróvár Faculty of the institution in the town on the bank of the River Lajta, where she took part in a guided tour and a professional discussion.

President of the Republic Katalin Novák visits Széchenyi István University
President of the Republic Katalin Novák visited the castle - home to the Mosonmagyaróvár Faculty of Széchenyi István University (Photo: Csaba József Májer)

"Six years ago, a new home in Széchenyi István University was found for the Faculty, which has been able to reform its education and renovate its infrastructure. In the future, it will serve students and the region with a much greater emphasis on sustainability, agricultural digitisation, rural development and modern food technologies," pointed out Dr Bálint Filep, President of Széchenyi István University, in the recently renovated castle of the Faculty of Agriculture in Óvar. He added that the change of model represents a huge opportunity for the institution. It is the result of an even closer link between industry and science, which is a new and very important role for higher education institutions.

"Our aim is to create an international environment at our university that will have a positive impact on our education and research and encourage us to continue to develop. With a cohesive community, student-friendly services, high quality and responsible, autonomous leadership, we want to be a good example in the national and international higher education space," he underlined, referring to the Science and Innovation Park being built in Győr. The University, it was said, plays a catalytic role in the region, with such developments making its economy competitive.

In response to a question from Katalin Novák, Dr Éva Szalka, Dean of the Albert Kázmér Mosonmagyaróvár Faculty, said that their community is a real family. When two farmers from Óvár meet anywhere in the world, they can always find cultural elements in common.

At Széchenyi University, they work in a family and student-friendly atmosphere, with a practice-oriented education system, and nothing proved this better than the cheeses on display, which lecturers have produced together with students, within the framework of the highly popular Food Engineering programme.

President of the Republic Katalin Novák visits Széchenyi István UniversityIn the castle of Óvár, Katalin Novák learnt about the iconic figures and history of Mosonmagyaróvár’s higher education in Agriculture and saw the recently completed reconstruction of the castle.

During the visit, the President of the Republic viewed the record books of famous farming alumni such as former prime ministers Pál Teleki and István Bethlen, the tower room of King Matthias in the castle where legend has it that he was imprisoned, and heard the story of the first female agricultural engineer.

As well as the past, she was given an insight into the new dimension of agriculture by learning about the modern technologies and precision tools used in the programmes at Széchenyi University.

At the end of her programme, she engraved her name on the famous farmer's table as a tribute to the tradition of the institution.

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