Transport Science: prestigious awards for the professors of Széchenyi István University

The Széchenyi István University is an active participant of the Hungarian transport science scene, which is proven by the prestigious awards of the Transport Science Association, one of the largest national technical-scientific civil associations in Hungary. The professional association has honoured the activities of five staff members and one master's student of the institution.

The Transport Science Association holds its annual awards ceremony in February each year. This year, the staff of Széchenyi István University were also important participants of the event. The event highlighted that the work of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Transport Sciences is recognised and appreciated by the Hungarian professional community.

Dr Balázs Horváth, Dean of the Faculty, was awarded the József Jáky Prize for his outstanding scientific and science-promoting activities over several years. The prize has been awarded every year since 1959 to three persons as one of the most prestigious honours of the association.

Bertalan Gaál, assistant professor at the Department of Transport at Széchenyi University, was awarded the Literary Prize for his article published in the journal Transport Science Review (Közlekedéstudományi Szemle). The jury considered the article "A proposal for a complex research on public space" by Bertalan Gaál and András Somfai to be of great value for this prestigious award.

Gergő Kovács, who recently successfully completed his Master's degree in Transport Engineering, was awarded first place in the thesis competition organised by the Transport Science Association. The topic of his thesis was the technical and organisational renewal of the Budapest trolleybus network.

Viktor Nagy, assistant professor of the Department of Transport, received a certificate of recognition for his participation in the Innovation Award 2022 competition, jointly organised by the Association of Transport Sciences and the “Smart Answers Foundation” (Okos Válaszok Alapítvány). In his application, Viktor Nagy developed algorithms for the automation of transport planning tasks.

Vivien Jóvér, assistant professor at the Department of Transport, Infrastructure and Water Resources Engineering, also received a certificate of recognition for her participation in the same competition. In her application, she developed test methods in the context of the inspection and deterioration of railway substructures.

Dr. Mária Petőcz, a retired staff member of Széchenyi István University, was granted a permanent membership. The awards and distinctions were presented by the President of the Association of Transport Sciences, Dr. János Fónagy, former Minister of Transport and Water Management, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Development, Deputy Minister.


Bertalan Gaál, Dr. Balázs Horváth and Gergő Kovács after the award ceremony.

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