21st European Accountancy Week


21st European Accountancy Week

Széchenyi István University, Győr, 8 – 14 March 2020


Széchenyi István University was proud to host the 21st European Accountancy Week (EAW) from 8-14 March. Students from eighteen universities in fifteen European Countries participated in the week’s programme of events. The coordinating institution of the EAW is the Business Studies Department in the University Institute of Technology A at the Lille 1 University of Sciences and Technologies, France.

The organiser of the EAW from Széchenyi István University was Dr Katalin Borbély, Associate Professor in the Department of Economic Analysis in the Kautz Gyula Faculty of Business and Economics.

The participants were welcomed to the University at the Opening Ceremony by Dr Eszter Lukács, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, with the opening words delivered by M. François Cudel, Lecturer in Economics and Business Administration and coordinator of the European Taxation and Accounting in Practice (ETAP) network. The aims of ETAP are threefold: the creation and use of accounting case studies and materials dedicated to European students at the bachelor level; the implementation of the European (International) dimension of accounting in each partner institution; the creation and development of a networking system between partner institutions

The three goals of this year’s European Accountancy Week (EAW) were the following: Professional and Technical knowledge (International Accounting), Communication and Professional and Personal Behaviour.


The programme for the week was composed of three sets of activities: lectures, workshops and presentations as well as cultural events, including a guided tour of Győr, a visit to the Abbey of Pannonhalma and several dinners. At the end of the week, there was a series of awards for the best institution presentations, the most professional teams, the best individual tests and cultural games.


Two students from Széchenyi István University participated in the EAW. Together with his teams, Márk Csidei reached first place and Evelin Bedők's team won the second of the cultural games. There were four organizer students who helped to organize the programmes during the week and whose efforts were most appreciated.


Following the closing ceremony on Friday, the week ended with a Farewell Dinner at Széchenyi István University’s partner Famulus Business Hotel.

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