A “sub auspiciis Praesidentis rei publicae" doctoral quartette at TU Graz

The Technische Hochschule Graz (KuK Technische Hochschule Graz at the time of its foundation) – one of the partner universities of the Széchenyi István University – witnessed a unique and historic event on Thursday, June 27th, 2019: the first ever two female Sub-Auspiciis PhD Awardees in the history of this prestigious, internationally renowned Austrian technical university were bestowed upon their doctoral degrees together with another two male Sub-Auspiciis PhD Awardees. It was exactly 100 years ago that the first female students were enrolled at TU Graz.

The awardees were Anna Eibel (Chemistry), Maria Eichlseder (Informatics), Peter Peßl (Informatics) and Robert Triebl (Physics). The doctoral awardees were praised and promoted by the dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Biomedical Technology, professor Dr. Roderick Bloem and rector, professor Dr. Harald Kainz. The sub auspiciis praesidentis rei publicae Honorary Ring was handed over to the awardees by the President of the Federal State of Austria, professor Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen.

The rector of the Széchenyi István University, professor Dr. Péter Földesi was represented on the festive event by Rector’s Envoy, professor Dr. László Imre Komlósi, dr. h.c.

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