About Győr

Situated halfway along the road between Budapest and Vienna, Győr, with its 130,000 inhabitants, is one of the most fortuitously situated cities in Hungary.

Close to the western border, located at a meeting point of major highways, railways, and three rivers (the Danube, Rába and Mosoni-Duna), Győr has for centuries been virtually unavoidable for anyone travelling to Western Europe. The restoration of its Baroque downtown was awarded a European Prize for the Protection of Historic Buildings.

With an important commercial and industrial heritage, Győr is today one of the most dynamically developing cities in Hungary. Hungarian branches of multinational companies (e.g., Phillips and Audi) have established themselves here, encouraged by the presence of the existing large Hungarian companies (such as RÁBA). As a result, an enormous demand has been generated in the region for a highly skilled labour force.

More information: http://turizmus.gyor.hu/lang/en/