An international alumna of Széchenyi István University returns to Győr as a doctoral student

Esther Amofa-Adade from Ghana was a master's student at Széchenyi István University from 2017 to 2019 and returned to her home country after her studies. A year ago, however, she came back to Győr and is currently a doctoral student at the institution, researching the migration of international nurses. During her studies, she found an inspiring environment at the university, which has motivated her in all aspects of her life ever since.

Esther Amofa-Adade, who came to Győr from Ghana, West Africa, studied in the English-language Master's programme in Supply Chain Management at Széchenyi István University between 2017 and 2019 and is currently a second-year PhD student in the institution's Doctoral Programme in Economics and Management (SZEEDSM). After receiving her Master’s degree, she started teaching at a university in her home country. In 2022, the PhD student returned to Győr as a Stipendium Hungaricum scholar, where the focus of her dissertation is on international nurses’ migration. She examines the factors influencing migration in a comparative study comparing Hungary and Ghana from economic and legislative perspectives.

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The international alumna of Széchenyi István University envisions a future in academia after completing her doctorate (Photo: András Adorján) 

"I had a lot of positive experiences during my Master's programme. The fact that I already knew the city and the advantages of the university played a role in my decision to apply for a doctorate programme. Among these, I would highlight the high quality of teaching, the modern campus and the student accommodation - the latter being particularly important for an international student. Széchenyi University is constantly developing and offers many opportunities for students, one of which is the Catalyst Europe programme developed by MIT LinQ, which I am very happy to be part of," said the student, who is currently actively involved in two research projects.

She has gained a lot of hands-on experience during her Master's degree, participating in several factory visits, which also brings students closer to industry. "I already had a master's degree before coming to Hungary, but during my master's studies here I have developed a lot as a professional and as a person as well. The numerous presentation tasks and project work made me more confident. I have gained practical knowledge that I never had before, which has made me a really good presenter. I am surrounded by teachers and an academic atmosphere that constantly motivates me to be even better: to read more, to ask more questions, and to do more research. This mentality has given me the confidence to start my academic career," she stressed.

She added that the institution creates an atmosphere that encourages development and provides a system of study in which students can acquire the most up-to-date knowledge. "I would advise both those interested in Széchenyi University and those already studying here to make the most of their studies and to be open to the opportunities that are available at the institution. There are always new projects waiting for them here, which can open more doors for them," added the Ghanaian doctoral student.

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