Award Confirms the Success of an Indonesian Student at SZE.

Ahmad Faishal Wiradisuria has been chosen as International Student of the Year at Széchenyi István University during the University Awards Gala held in January at the Győr Media Ball. The young Indonesian received exceptional motivation from receiving the award, which encourages him to make further efforts in his studies.

Stipendium Hungaricum is an excellence-based higher education programme established by the Hungarian government to internationalize Hungarian higher education and increase its international competitiveness. Thanks to this programme, in recent years many international students have come to Széchenyi István University. 


Among them is Ahmad Faishal Wiradisuria from Indonesia, who completed his bachelor's degree in Logistics Engineering at the end of January, shortly after being elected as the International Student of the Year. He earned this recognition for his first-place achievement in the logistics section of the Scientific and Artistic Student Conference, as well as his research and community activities. Besides his studies, he has also greatly helped his fellow students in mastering the curriculum and preparing for classes and exams.

The young man, who hails from Bandung, a city on the island of Java with nearly three million inhabitants, found himself in a completely different culture and environment when he began his studies in Győr in September 2020. He stated that Széchenyi University was the most attractive Hungarian institution for him in several respects. Its excellent location, pleasant environment, and picturesque city all played a role in his decision. "I feel great in Győr, which, being smaller than Budapest, is calmer and more comfortable for us students," he explained. He added that he appreciated being able to study Logistics Engineering in high-quality conditions here, especially since logistics engineering receives less attention in Indonesia compared to other engineering fields.

indonez_hallgato (1).jpegAhmad Faishal Wiradisuria feels very much at home in Győr. (Photo: András Adorján)

His favourite places in Győr are the beautiful Püspökerdő (Bishop's Forest) and the riverside promenade in the city centre, where he often unwinds after a long day. "I find these places extremely soothing; I've often found myself sitting by the riverside, simply lost in thought and taking in the scenery. Besides, I love taking walks in the city center. I often sit on a bench after shopping and just watch people while listening to music," he recounted.

During his three years in Hungary, Ahmad has also familiarized himself with Hungarian customs and cuisine. "I've grown very fond of Hungarian dishes, although due to my religion, I couldn't taste dishes made from pork. I would say my favourite Hungarian dishes are goulash soup, floating island dessert, and lángos," he revealed.

Thanks to the affordable transportation options available from Győr, students have numerous opportunities to explore popular tourist destinations in neighbouring countries.

"I recently visited Prague, and the fact that I don't have to go to Budapest to catch a bus or train to a foreign country is very helpful. Győr's excellent location allows access to numerous destinations in Hungary and neighbouring countries for students to explore and gain lifelong experiences," Ahmad shared his experiences.

Győr was the first place the young man came to completely alone. In a new continent, in a foreign country, he initially had only himself to rely on, but the welcoming community and his new friends made his time here memorable. "It's hard for me to highlight what my fondest memory of Győr is because almost every day is memorable in its own way. Perhaps I would mention the Eid celebration, which was organized for Muslim students with the participation of Muslim students. Getting to know others and celebrating together remains unforgettable: at home, this festival symbolizes time spent with family, while here, my classmates have become like family to me," he said.

He added that the Media Ball was also memorable because winning an award at such a prestigious event is an extraordinary honour and a fitting conclusion to his studies.

"I am very grateful for the recognition because it confirms that investing so much energy in my studies was worthwhile. It also shows me the significance of the path I've taken so far and teaches me to appreciate it, as there was a moment when I almost gave up. I felt very homesick, but in the end, I overcame it, and now I look back on the past period with gratitude," expressed the young man, who believes he has become more confident in his skills.

Winning the award has filled the Asian youth with renewed motivation, so his plans include completing a Master's degree and trying himself in other fields of study as well.


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