Best of this year's creations by students of SZE’s Design Department presented at exhibition

The best works of this year's creations by students of architecture, design and graphic design in the Design Department of Széchenyi University have been displayed at a large-scale exhibition. Great interest was shown in the event and the Torula Exhibition Hall was full for the opening ceremony.

Programmes in Design were first launched at Széchenyi István University’s Faculty of Performance Arts in September 2021, since then becoming an integral part of the institution. Through practical-oriented education, students specializing in architecture, industrial design, and graphic design create numerous works of art. The "Best of Design Campus 2023" exhibition showcased the cream of this year's works for the first time at the Torula Exhibition Hall in Győr. The exhibition, which was extremely interesting and of high quality, presented the results of research on form-material-technology, as well as the outcome of collaborations and tenders with market stakeholders. 

Kép110.pngThe audience had the opportunity to view this year's best works. (Photo: Márton Horváth)


During the opening ceremony, Gábor U. Nagy, head of the University’s Design Department, said that with the start of the programmes, supportive and motivational energies have come to fruition over the past two years.

"In September 2021, we planted the orchard, and now we can see the first fruits," he said.

Kép212.pngParticipants of the opening ceremony: Krisztina Somogyi, Imre Lepsényi, Ferenc Kassai, Zsuzsa Nagy, Gábor U. Nagy, Szabina Gollowitzer, and Gabriella Uhl. (Photo: Márton Horváth)


The exhibition was inaugurated by Zsuzsa Nagy, a Győr-based architect and founder of Design Week Győr.

"Design is a part of our everyday lives; it allows us to form opinions and make decisions. Design and our built environment have a formative power. It is an excellent tool for expressing values and identity," she stated, adding that through the exhibition, the young generation's worldview and emotional intelligence, as well as the care provided by the university behind it, become experiential. In line with the title of the exhibition, she wished for the students always to strive for the best, because only good design can elevate our quality of life and emotional world.

Kép384.pngMaria Ljubica Ratkovic, a student, received special thanks for her assistance in implementing the exhibition. (Photo: Márton Horváth)


Szabina Gollowitzer, a graphic artist who, together with Gabriella Uhl, an art historian, served as the curator of the exhibition, emphasized how important it was, via the process of selecting the best works, the planning of the exhibition and its realization, for everyone to get to know each other better, learning to respect not only each other but also the objects and the creative process.

Kép445.pngOne of the main research areas of the Industrial Design Studio at the Design Department of Széchenyi University is mobility, and works related to this topic were also featured in the exhibition. (Photo: Márton Horváth)


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