Building E on Széchenyi István University’s Győr campus renovated

The modernization of Building E at Széchenyi István University has been completed. With this renovation, the rehabilitation of the Győr inner campus has been completed. Three further facilities of the University will be renovated next year.

Széchenyi István University has set itself the strategic goal of renovating all its buildings in the spirit of sustainability and climate protection, also keeping in mind its social responsibility. It is also important that the exterior appearance of the properties should reflect the fact that this institution, which provides quality education and services, has become one of the leading knowledge centres in Hungary, and is now included in the lists of the two largest international higher education rankings organizations - QS and THE.

The University’s Győr campus, with the renovated building E in the foreground

In the last decade, the university has implemented a large-scale development programme, which, in addition to building new facilities, has also included the energy-saving renovation of the Halls of Residence wings and the academic building on the Győr campus. Another milestone in this process is the fact that the University won 1 billion 820 million forints in European Union funding for the energy development of five of its buildings in Győr. The direct goal of the renovations is to reduce the properties’ heat loss, to insulate and modernize their structures, to increase service life and to boost the use of renewable energy.

Implementation of the project began in 2017. In the first phase of the multiple investments, the modernization of the Administrative Building was completed by the beginning of 2018, while the energy renovation of Building E, housing the lecture halls and classrooms, was completed recently. During the works, the flat roof was fitted with heat and water insulation, and the façades of the building with thermal insulation. Exterior doors and windows have also been replaced and the heating system made adjustable. The facility has been equipped with solar panels, thus reducing electricity costs.

In the current project, three more buildings - the main building of the Deák Ferenc Faculty of Law, one of the academic buildings of the Apáczai Csere János Humanities Faculty, as well as The Bridge Students’ and Teachers’ Club – are awaiting renovation. In the case of these buildings, the public procurement procedure is in progress, with construction to take place next year.

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