On Saturday 13th July, following the University’s formal degree conferment ceremony, international graduate students from fifteen nations celebrated their achievement in a special reception hosted by the Rector of Széchenyi István University, Dr Péter Földesi.

On the initiative of the Centre of International Programmes (CIP) and with the support of the University, newly graduated international students from English-taught degree programmes studying with support from the  Stipendium Hungaricum programme were invited to attend a reception with the Rector.

The major priority of the internationalization process at Széchenyi István University being the steady expansion of the number of overseas students, this first graduation of international graduates was a significant milestone. The University is banking on significant year-on-year increases in the number of students from the widest possible range of nations opting to complete their academic studies at our institution.

The primary goal of this event was the strengthening of the internationalization process of student on-campus life and to reinforce cooperation between Hungarian and international students of the university. Furthermore, the CIP provided the opportunity for graduates to invite friends, family members and acquaintances. By this gesture, it is hoped that the University’s reputation abroad will be further enhanced and the continuing commitment of our alumni encouraged. With around ninety participants at the event, including Hungarian students of the University, the international graduate students were give the opportunity to introduce their invited guests to campus life.

The event opened with a welcome speech from Dr Péter Földesi, Rector of Széchenyi István University, in which he expressed his pride that we can celebrate with such a good number of international graduates. He further expressed his gratitude to the graduates for choosing Széchenyi and for the support of their relatives and friends in recent years.

The Rector emphasized how the teachers of the graduates, together with the University and the city of Győr, have accomplished major achievements in recent years. Continuing with his definition of the elements that constitute a good university, he stressed an excellent infrastructure, a hi-tech lab network, highly qualified academic staff, state-of-the-art accommodation, a well-designed and well-equipped campus, good recreational facilities and a hospitable host city. The most important element according to the Rector, however, has always been the students themselves who strive to discover the world, the future and their own capabilities. At this juncture, the Rector expressed his profound gratitude to the students for their courage and their openness.

Going on to give a short background about the Stipendium Hungaricum programme, Dr Péter Földesi recalled that the programme was introduced at the University in the academic year 2014/2015. Last year the increase in the number of foreign students was 40%, the number of international (English-taught) academic programmes on offer in 2016/17 increased from five to seven in 2017/18, and from September 2019 to 24 (in addition to the 76 Hungarian-taught programmes). Twenty of these academic programmes receive support from Stipendium Hungaricum.

Finally, Dr Földesi  gave students the opportunity to take group photos with him, all of which took place in a pleasant atmosphere with the Rector and programme heads, students’ family members and members of their study groups. The event ended with a buffet featuring Hungarian delicacies during which students were free to talk with their supervisors and their teachers about professional topics, future opportunities, and their memories of student life.

(The University realized the event within the framework of the Human Resources Development Operative Programme 343-16-2016-00016)

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