Conference: the international student of SZE won the prize for the most interesting presentation

A Moroccan master's student of Széchenyi István University has won the prize for the most interesting presentation at a professional conference on business informatics. The talented youngster presented a comparative study in which she tested her own artificial intelligence-based software against other applications available on the market.

The 19th National Conference on Business Information Science (OGIK) of the Forum for Research and Education in Business (GIKOF), recently held in Pécs, Hungary, brings together eminent experts in business informatics, including academics and researchers, and mainly PhD students year by year. Asma Azzi, a first-year master's student of Széchenyi István University from Morocco, presented in the English-language section of the conference. She won the prize for “The most interesting presentation” with her presentation. Her topic is related to artificial intelligence (AI): she compared the performance of different AI-based applications generating closed-ended test questions (MCQs) with her own software, which also focuses on this area, according to several aspects.

"This comparative study was also useful for me because it highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of my software and allowed me to test its performance against other similar software. As a result, I have set up a ranking to help users choose the best device. The recognition I received at the conference means a lot to me, and I am especially proud that I was found worthy for the prize from among professionals with much more experience than me. It motivates me to further improve myself - both as a person and professionally”, the student emphasized.


Asma Azzi, a Master's student in Business Informatics, considers the prize at the conference a great professional recognition. (Photo: Máté Dudás)

GIKOF's National Conference on Business Information Science started in Győr and was hosted by Széchenyi István University for ten years, and since then it has been held at universities all over the country. There is the Neumann János Computer Science Society as a professional organisation behind it. At this year's event, a renewal meeting of the Board was also held, at which Dr. Ferenc Erdős, Associate Professor at Széchenyi István University, was given renewed confidence and re-elected as a member of the Board.

"Next year the conference will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. To celebrate the occasion in a worthy manner, OGIK will return to Győr once again. Next year's programme will be very useful in all respects: the business informatics programme, launched in 2003, is traditionally strong in our institution, with a large number of students at both bachelor’s and master’s levels. Our goal is to involve them as much as possible in the academic life, and the return of the conference will also serve this purpose", Dr. Ferenc Erdős, the supervisor of the bachelor and master courses in business informatics underlined.

Dr. Ferenc Erdős, Associate Professor at Széchenyi István University, aims to continue to involve as many students as possible in academic life. (Photo: Máté Dudás)

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