Business Informatics (MSc)


Name of Faculty:

Faculty of Mechanical, Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Name of  qualification and level:

Business Informatics (MSc)

Duration of studies:

4 semesters – full time programme



Introduction to programme

The goal of the education programme is to provide students with high level knowledge built on a strong foundation of business, management and technical sciences related to the fields of Computer Science and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in order to enable them to understand, design, implement, integrate and manage complex systems, and furthermore, to coordinate and perform research and development tasks for business IT purposes. The programme will equip students with knowledge of IT project management, Enterprise Resource Planning, knowledge base technologies, data analysis, algorithms, process management, simulations for business decision making, managerial accounting, strategic management and corporate finance in advanced level, and also to combine a scientific perspective with the practical approaches. With the solid academic basis provided, students will be able to access further studies on our English language doctoral programmes.

Who is the programme aimed at?


This MSc program is designed for students and professionals holding bachelor degrees (BSc) in diverse areas of management and engineering sciences who desire to further their career by adding new knowledge, tools and skills from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The program is designed to accommodate full-time students only.



Structure of studies

The total number of credits needed to complete the programme is 120 credits (54 credits by compulsory courses, 30 credits by differentiated professional elective courses, 6 credits by free elective courses, 30 credits by thesis courses). 1 credit equals one ECTS credit, and 1 credit is defined as 25 student working hours.

Language requirements

English as a primary language of instruction: automatic acceptance. Otherwise, one of the following indications of English-language proficiency: (a) TOEFL IBT test score of 66, or PBT score 513, (b) Cambridge First Certificate "B", (c) IELTS score of 5.5(d) any official certificate equal to the above mentioned

Academic requirements

An authorized copy of a BSc degree from any higher education institution already completed that is relevant to your application.

Tuition fee

€2,600 / semester:

Application fee

€ 100 / application


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