Cybersecurity has become a key issue - Széchenyi University holds workshop with American experts

In the future, the cooperation between Széchenyi István University and the coordinating organization of the American cyber security university network, the National CyberWatch Center, could extend to educational and research programmes. As a first step in this collaboration, a joint workshop was held by Széchenyi István University and the National CyberWatch Center. Through this event, the institution in Győr has further strengthened its international connections.

Széchenyi István University strives to open up new dimensions in education and research by complementing and strengthening various disciplines. A prime example of this, with the advancement of digitalization, is the growing importance of cybersecurity, which requires collaboration between the technological, IT, and legal fields. Recognizing this, the institution recently held a workshop in collaboration with the Deák Ferenc Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, together with the National CyberWatch Center.

Dr Roland Kelemen, assistant professor and main organizer of the event, stated that the National CyberWatch Center is a coordinating organization of a US cyber security university network, consisting of nearly fifty higher education institutions and a student network of nearly six thousand students. Its main mission is to connect and coordinate educational and research programmes related to this topic among its members, as well as to organize training programmes and professional conferences. The significance of the workshop at Széchenyi István University is demonstrated by the fact that the eight-member US delegation was led by David H. Tobey, the Executive Director and Chief Researcher of the National CyberWatch Center, and included university professors (Joseph Squillace - Pennsylvania State University, Mary Wallingsford - Anne Arundel Community College, Zayira Jordan - Puerto Rico Technical University), renowned industry professionals (Gaby Hawat, former head of the National Science Foundation, Strategic and Growth Leader of the Accenture Information and Communication Advisory Firm, Amy Kardel, one of the Vice Presidents of CompTIA, one of the most important professional associations in the US IT industry, and Kameran Evans, President of the SEConsulting Group), as well as a student from Pennsylvania State University, Andrew Sepp.

The American delegation met Széchenyi István University staff at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences. (Photo: Csaba József Májer)

As part of the workshop, associate professor Dr Gábor Kecskés presented the TALE research group established at Széchenyi István University’s Faculty of Law and Political Sciences. The aim of the group is to identify all relevant legal issues regarding the application and potential regulation of artificial intelligence and to conduct scientific research. Dr László Knapp, Deputy Dean for Education, outlined the educational programmes of the Faculty, Dr Roland Kelemen presented the Faculty’s cybersecurity research, and Richárd Németh, Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Informatics, outlined the educational portfolio of the department. The American guests introduced the operation of the National CyberWatch Center and the cybersecurity research workshop of Pennsylvania State University, while also discussing possible exchange programmes for students and academic staff. They talked about the directions of their international conference planned for next year, in which they expect participation from researchers at the Győr faculty. Additionally, they discussed scholarship opportunities and research funding programmes supported by the US government.

In response to our question, Dr Kelemen stated that, in the conclusion to the event, they agreed to continue the exchange of ideas and to hold workshops, with there also being the possibility of joint participation in educational programmes and research. According to plans, they will deepen the collaboration through an online meeting in the autumn.

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