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Thank you, for visiting the English language website for Széchenyi István University.  I hope you can find all of the information that you are searching for. Let me introduce the most important information about our University.

Széchenyi István University was founded in 1968 as a Polytechnic Institute of Transportation and Telecommunication. Its predecessors were located in Budapest and Szeged. The various buildings of the modern campus in Győr were built between 1971 and 1977. During the 1970's and 1980's the institution strove to satisfy the need for a polytechnic-level engineering training raised by the two determinant infrastructural branches, namely transportation and telecommunications. After the change in the political system in 1990, the institution allotted its development funds to meet the labour expectations of the prosperous economy of the region and the demands of the multinational companies, which had settled in the region.

The Parliament of the Hungarian Republic made a decision on the 11 December 2001 to elevate Széchenyi István University to full university status from 1st January 2002.

The aim of the University is to provide initial training leading to BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in various fields; to offer post-graduate courses; and to carry out research, consultancy and other professional activities. Over the years, the specialist fields covered by the University have been developed considerably.


The major aim of the Institution is to equip students with basic theoretical knowledge and to develop their professional skills. Degrees are awarded after writing a diploma thesis or preparing a final-year project and passing the state examinations.

The University is authorized to give BSc degrees after 3 or 3,5 years and MSc degrees after 5 years of full-time studies.

Due to the switch to the standard European system BSc courses are followed by MSc courses and take an additional 1,5 to 2 years. After you have graduated and hold an MSc diploma you can apply to one of our university Doctoral Schools to get a PhD degree.

About 12000 full-time and 5000 part-time (distance learning) students registered at the Institution in 2006. The number of academic staff is approximately 300, including 140 professors and associate professors.

Most of the applicants come from a region within 100 km of Győr from either grammar or vocational secondary schools, immediately after taking the school-leaving exam at the age of 18.

The academic staff of the University, besides its direct instructional role, is regularly involved in research and development, consultancy and professional activities. Through this work they have contact with a number of industrial companies. Most persons on the staff are members of professional organizations, and several of them are elected representatives of these organizations.

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