Direction Abroad: SZE Announces Erasmus Scholarship Applications

Within the framework of the Erasmus programme, Széchenyi István University has announced a supplementary round of scholarship applications for its students for the upcoming academic year. Those who are not inclined to go alone need not miss out, as they can travel to a foreign university with friends or fellow students. The application deadline is 1 October.

Life-changing experiences, new connections, and valuable insights await those who submit their applications for the supplementary round of Erasmus applications announced by Széchenyi István University for the 2023-2024 academic year. Dr Eszter Lukács, Vice President for International Affairs and Strategic Relations at the institution, explained that this opportunity arose following a decision by the Board of Trustees of the Tempus Public Foundation, aimed at providing financial support to ongoing Erasmus higher education mobility programmes at various Hungarian universities. This support is provided by the Hungarian government from domestic sources. "As a result, until 30 June 2024, all universities, including those undergoing a change in their educational model, will continuously have access to international collaborations, with the existing mobility frameworks and financial resources available," Dr Lukács stated.

Bianka Kalamár, Erasmus Coordinator at Széchenyi University's Centre for International Programmes and Alumni, revealed that students can submit their applications for 2-6 months of exchange studies or internships until midnight on 1 October. They can choose from a variety of great cities, as the University has agreements with more than 200 higher education institutions. "Any student enrolled at our institution, regardless of their degree programme or mode of study, can take advantage of this opportunity. Moreover, self-paying international students can also apply for the scholarship, which covers the entire duration of their stay abroad," she said.


Within the Erasmus programme, students have the opportunity to study at universities in cities such as Berlin, Prague, or Genoa.


The scholarship's aim is to enable students to gain educational, linguistic, and cultural experiences in another country. "I encourage everyone to apply, even if they don't feel their language skills are sufficient. It's worth applying together with friends or classmates, as then spending a few months abroad can be even easier and more enriching. Those who have already participated in the programme have returned with life-changing experiences, valuable connections, a broader worldview, better language skills, and a greater maturity and self-confidence. These qualities and skills can also be highly useful in the job market," said Bianka Kalamár. Interested individuals can attend an information session on Wednesday, 13 September at 2:00 pm on the Győr campus, in room 114 of the Új Tudástér building.

Dr Zsolt Kovács, the University’s Vice President for General and Educational Affairs, added that they are striving to encourage as many students as possible to apply by introducing a new rule. The essence of this rule is that students who travel abroad within the Erasmus programme can, from the new academic year, exempt themselves from the mandatory language foundation courses for undergraduate students who do not have at the minimum an intermediate-level language certificate. 

Széchenyi István University's Centre for International Programmes and Alumni provides all the necessary assistance for students to prepare their applications. All essential information can be found on the University's international portal, including guides for different countries. The application form is available here:

Teachers and administrative staff can also apply

Within the framework of the Erasmus programme, teachers and administrative staff of Széchenyi István University can also apply until October 10. In their applications, teachers need to explain, among other things, how they have promoted the Erasmus programme and the chosen institution, specifying to which students (degree subjects and faculties), and how many students have been assisted by them in achieving international mobility. In addition, they have to prepare an overview of the selected host institution for students. For successful administrative staff, they are expected to prepare a report in the language of the mobility on their experiences during the mobility, bearing the signature and seal of the host institution, to present to the other colleagues of their unit in SZE the work of an equivalent unit at the host institution. Additionally, they may be required to give a presentation on their professional experiences gained at an internationalization meeting.

The application form for teachers can be found at, while the form for administrative staff is available at

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