Educatio International Education Expo: many people from all over the country are interested

The Széchenyi István University's stand at the Educatio International Education Exhibition at Hungexpo in Budapest was already very popular on the opening day on 11 January. Many young people were interested in the courses the University offers, the new scoring system, student life or even the student accommodation possibilities. The exhibition is open until Saturday 13 January, and is followed by the institution's Open Day in Győr on Tuesday 16 January where more information is available.

At the Educatio Expo in Budapest, higher education insitutions in Hungary will present themselves to young people who want to continue their studies. At the stand of Széchenyi István University, those who were about to apply could get acquainted with the courses of about 100 degree programmes of the institution's nine faculties in 11 fields of study (law, economics, social sciences, engineering, agriculture, humanities, information technology, pedagogy, health sciences, arts and sports sciences).

educatio1.jpgMany young people visited the stand of Széchenyi István University at the Educatio Expo (Photo: András Adorján)

In addition to this, the visitors could also get information about the courses in Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár and Budapest, as well as about important places of university innovation. The latter include the Zalaegerszeg Innovation Park, which excels in research on autonomous vehicles and mobility systems, electromobility, drones and 5G, the Smart Farm in Mosonmagyaróvár, which is putting the latest technologies at the service of sustainability, the new centre for corporate partnership and research and development, the Győr Innovation Park and the Health Technology Campus, which is being built on the former site of the Győr Hospital.

"54 teachers, and around 100 university citizens including student will help with the information during the three days, and eleven members of staff have been involved in the months-long organisation. At the stand, you can also find innovations of our university, such as the drone of the Digital Development Centre, the racing car of the Arrabona Racing Team student team, or the simulator of the e-Sports Department", said Gergő Lőrincz, Head of the Career Guidance and Marketing Centre of Széchenyi University. The Centre for International Programmes will also be present at the exhibition, and its staff will inform visitors about international scholarship opportunities and study opportunities at partner institutions.

The students of the university informed the visitors not only about the most important information, but also shared their personal experiences. (Photo: András Adorján)

András Aschenbrenner, Vice President of the University Student Self-Government (HÖK), said that they consider it very important that, besides the representatives of the lecturers and university organisations, students also play an active role in informing the students about the admission process. 

"Young people can introduce the institution to their prospective peers through their personal experiences, and these conversations can sometimes make a big difference in the final decision," he said. He added that 38 students from the HÖK and five admissions demonstrators contribute to giving students the most complete picture possible of the university by sharing their personal experiences.

According to András Aschenbrenner, Vice President of the Student Self-Government of the University, students are eager to do their part in the admission campaign (Photo: András Adorján)

"I'm most interested in the Business and Management programme of Széchenyi István University  because I've heard very good things about it. Audi's presence in Győr is also very attractive to me, partly because of the job opportunities after graduation," said Zsófia Szvoren from Székesfehérvár. The student from Vasvári Pál Gimnázium visited the exhibition last year, so she had already gathered the main facts about the institution, but this year she has also gained a lot of new information.

Zsófia Szvoren from Székesfehérvár was interested in studying economics and management at Széchenyi István University (Photo: András Adorján)

"I came to the stand because of the Deák Ferenc Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Széchenyi University, because I am very interested in the field of justice. During the conversation I got very positive impressions, which made me like the institution even more." - Hanna Zsell, a student from the Bessenyei György Secondary School in Kisvárda, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, shared her experience.

On the website you can find useful information about the Széchenyi István University offer, the application and the new scoring system. The site also offers a scoring calculator, where you can download the institution's admission brochure and the programme of the university's Open Day. On Tuesday 16 January, Széchenyi István University will hold its Open Doors event on the Győr campus, where, in addition to the courses offered by the faculties, useful information sessions, interesting lectures, laboratory visits and campus tours will be offered.

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