The aim of the university is to provide initial training leading to a BSc and MSc and PhD degree in various fields, to offer post-graduate courses and to carry out research, consultancy and other professional activities. Over the years, the specialist fields covered by the university have been considerably expanded.

Degrees (BSc, MSc, PhD) are issued after the successful completion of a programme, after collecting the required number of credits, submission and defence of the final thesis.

The credits at Széchenyi István University are ECTS conform credits. (1 credit point consists of at least 30 student workload hours)

From the year 2016 the University launched a dual-training with the support of AUDI HM Ltd in the field of Vehicle Engineering BSc. In the frame of the program students gain theoretical knowledge at the Széchenyi István University, meanwhile they acquire practical experiences by AUDI HM Ltd.


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