End of Semester / Christmas Event - 6 December 2018

On 6 December 2018, with the support of the University Student Council and the Széchenyi István University and with the cooperation of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), around 80 students took part in the closing event of the Autumn semester.

The programme

  • Gingerbread (Mézeskalács) baking
  • “Festive” postcard making
  • SZE International Students introduce their country and region's most celebrated celebrations
  • Presentation of Christmas by Hungarian students
  • Chatting over hot chocolate, tea and biscuits

Our primary goal was to promote the formation of a community among the Hungarian and international students studying at our university and for them to get to know each other's favourite annual celebrations.



During the afternoon and evening, students together prepared Christmas greeting cards for their instructors and acquaintances, as well as baking and decorating gingerbreads in accordance with Hungarian Christmas traditions, which was accompanied by hot drinks (tea, chocolate, coffee) provided by the University.   




During the second part of the event, international students made presentations, describing the most beautiful celebration of their country and region. Participants heard about the biggest festivities, folk traditions, social habits, food and drink from Brazil, Germany and Azerbaijan.

Overall there was a very pleasant atmosphere at this event, with participants becoming more open to each other’s cultures.





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