Építők Sailing Cup: second place for the Széchenyi István University team

The Széchenyi István University team finished in second place at the Építők Sailing Cup in Balatonfüred. The team showed their talent and commitment to the sport aboard the Jégvirág (Ice Flower).

Széchenyi István University attaches great importance to offering as many opportunities as possible to get involved in the world of sport and to support those who want to play sports with its infrastructure. It is therefore of great pride that a team of colleagues and students from the Institute's road laboratory (SZE LAB ROAD) recently participated with great success in the Építők Sailing Cup in Balatonfüred, where the best of the civil engineering profession compete every year.

The sporting event saw the crews compete in a total of seven categories to test their skills and the wind-holding capacity of their boats.

The Széchenyi István University team on board the Jégvirág.webpThe Széchenyi István University team on board the Jégvirág


Richárd Nagy added that the competition was held in two rounds.

"In the morning race, we completed the almost three-kilometre course as category leaders with our Nautic 311. Before the afternoon race, the waters of Lake Balaton were dominated by wind chasing, and then a light wind of four to five knots blew in, so the organisers chose a shorter, about one and a half kilometres long, but all the more exciting course. We finished second on this course. Thus, in accordance with the sailing rules, the Road Laboratory team with Jégvirág came a very respectable second in its category," he detailed.

The team from the University of Győr, led by Gábor Tóth, came 20th overall out of 40 boats.


The uplifting moments of the results announcement.The uplifting moments of the results announcement.

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