Erasmus+ scholarship programme: students of Széchenyi István University can travel abroad together

Széchenyi István University is launching a scholarship programme for its students to study abroad within the Erasmus+ programme. Those who do not want to go alone, should not miss out either, they can travel to a foreign university together with their friends or peers. The deadline for applications is 30th September.

"More than 100 students have applied for the 2022-2023 academic year, but there is still time to join them through our additional application procedure. Students of any specialisation or any semester at Széchenyi István University can take advantage of this opportunity, provided they have not yet submitted a valid Erasmus scholarship application for the current academic year. International students who are self-financed are also welcome to apply", said Márta Mészáros, Head of the Mobility and Scholarship Department of the University’s Centre for International Programmes. She added that the additional call for applications also offers Erasmus+ part-time training and internships.

The students of Széchenyi István University, Dorka Mihalcsik, Tamás Marics and Barna Kovács spent an unforgettable time in Portugal thanks to the Erasmus+ programme.

The aim of the scholarships is to enable students to gain educational, linguistic and cultural experience in another European country or outside the continent (Thailand or Israel). The two to five-month training takes place at a partner institution with bilateral links with Széchenyi István University or, in the case of a European internship, at an external company. The Head of Department stressed that those who have not previously received a scholarship abroad will be given priority in the evaluation of applications. Please note that the deadline for applications is 30th September at 24:00!

"For those interested in the opportunity, an information day will be held on Thursday 22 September at 13:00 at the Győr campus, in room 114 of the New Knowledge Space building. Students are welcome to come alone or in small groups of friends!" - said Márta Mészáros, who will be available for personal information.


Dorka Mihalcsik, Barna Kovács and Tamás Marics, students of the Széchenyi University of Applied Sciences, majoring in Sport and Recreation Management, spent six months in Coimbra, Portugal, in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. As Dorka Mihalcsik said, they gained a lot of new experiences, got to know a lot of new people, increased their independence and improved their language skills. "Tamás also attended last year's information day, after which we started to think together about our destination. We chose Portugal, and then Barna joined us, so the three of us could travel to Coimbra, which is a real university town," recalls the student.

Dorka Mihalcsik fulfilled a long-standing wish to get to know another culture better. As she says, six months is not a long time to be away from family, as nowadays we can keep in touch with our loved ones through many different means. Abroad, you can make many new friends and broaden your view of the world. "One of the benefits of participating in the programme is independence. Of course, there were challenges that we had to overcome on our own, but we could always count on each other. Another positive thing is that my English skills have improved a lot, not to mention the unique experiences I had, such as being a student there, the Erasmus programmes, the Queima das Fitas university festival and the surfing," said the student.

Tamás Marics, who was also motivated by the desire to get closer to other cultures and to get to know the world better, was of the same opinion. "I gained a lot of experience, saw beautiful places and made many friends from all over the world. Thanks to this, my language skills have also improved a lot," explained the student. He said that going together with friends makes it easier to adapt to a new environment psychologically and gives you a sense of security in the early days. Tamás Marics advises his fellow students to apply to the programme. "Erasmus is an experience of a lifetime, a completely new way of being a university student. Be open-minded, if you don't know something, don't be afraid to ask, because in my experience people are very helpful with foreigners," he stressed.

So it's worth taking advantage of the opportunity offered with the additional application. Details can be found on the website of the Centre for International Programmes (CIP), information can be requested by e-mail at, or CIP colleagues can help you in person on the 1st floor office of the Administration Building (9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1.).

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