Exhibition on the results of the Folk Architecture Programme opened at Széchenyi István University

An exhibition presenting the results of the Folk Architecture Programme will be open until mid-March in main hall of Széchenyi István University. The exhibition, organised by the institution's Gábor Winkler College, was opened on 21 February by András Krizsán, President of the Association of Hungarian Architects, who spoke about the link between sustainability and folk architecture, the modernity of traditional building techniques and the experience of the "Grandfather's House" apprentice training programme.

The visitors - among whom were not only distinguished members of the architectural profession, but also many lecturers, ethnographers and students of several faculties - were welcomed by Dr. János Szép, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Transport Sciences of the University and Dr. András Veöreös, Head of the Department of Architectural History and Urban Planning. The opening ceremony was enriched by a zither performance of Virág Németh and Zsófia Lengyel, first-year students of the faculty.

The exhibition includes buildings from Győr-Moson-Sopron county, Mecsér, Szilsárkány and Kajárpéc. The building and structural models placed in the space are the work of Széchenyi University students from recent years. The Department of History of Architecture and Town planning is also involved in the programme through mentoring and research.

The faculty is happy to provide guided tours and information about the programme for school, local history and university student groups. In this case, please contact kottmayer.tibor@ga.sze.hu in advance.


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