Focus on sustainability: inauguration of the renovated post office building of Széchenyi University

The Széchenyi István University has renovated the post office building on the Győr campus, which it bought in the autumn, providing modern conditions for the employees and the people who arrive there. The facility is also used for educational activities, so the development will not only indirectly but also directly benefit students and staff. The University will take over the operation of the post office as postal partner from 1 February 2024.

The investment, the inauguration ceremony of which was held on 27 November at the campus of Széchenyi István University in Győr, will contribute to both sustainability and the provision of high-quality services. The institution renovated the post office building in the framework of the EU project "Energy efficiency development of the Győr campus of Széchenyi István University", KEHOP-5.2.2-16-2017-00110. The works included the thermal insulation of the façade, the thermal and water insulation of the flat roof, the modernisation of the building services system and the replacement of the external windows and doors.

Built in 1983, the two-storey, 750-square-metre property was purchased by the university from Magyar Posta Zrt. this autumn.
However, the university has a long history of links with the postal sector, as the Institute of Transport and Postal Operations was founded in 1975 at the Technical College of Transport and Telecommunications, which ran a successful postal operations course until 2003.

The newly renovated post office was designed to provide a solution for theoretical and practical training, as an investment by Magyar Posta at the time. From 1 February 2024, the university will take over the operation of the post office as postal partner.

 The participants inaugurated the renovated building by cutting a national ribbon ~mv2.jpgThe participants inaugurated the renovated building by cutting a national ribbon (Photo: András Adorján)

"In recent years, with the support of the Government, our University has been making conscious efforts to make as many of its buildings as possible more sustainable and energy-efficient, by implementing consciously planned developments. The investments, which have been ongoing for about ten years, have made a significant contribution to reducing energy consumption and thus to sustainability. The purchase and reconstruction of the post office building is part of this process, which will not only serve our 14,000 Hungarian and international students and staff, but also the residents of the region and the businesses and institutions operating here", emphasised Dr. Bálint Filep, President of Széchenyi István University.

"This is not the first time that the Széchenyi István University has shown us the value that can be created by the ability to innovate, openness, cooperation, proactivity and support. These are the values that enable the university, the city, the postal service and indeed society as a whole to adapt to ever-changing needs and challenges. Adaptation requires that we actively seek new solutions. That is what the Government is doing and that is what the Post Office is doing." - underlined Dr. Géza Láng, Deputy State Secretary for State Property and Postal Affairs.

"The transfer of the post office to university ownership and operation is another success story for Győr, thanks to the excellent relationship between the institution and the municipality. If the university develops, Győr develops, and vice versa," said Prof. Dr. Csaba András Dézsi, Mayor of Győr, who thanked everyone - including Magyar Posta - who participated in making this solution possible.

"It is in Magyar Posta's interest that Hungarian people use our services in greater numbers and more easily, and for this we must also be accessible. To this end, we launched our new Postal Partner Programme in February this year. All basic postal services are available at PostPartners, including cheque and voucher dispatch, letter and parcel dispatch. The postal partner also provides postal delivery of items addressed to both notified and unaddressed mail. The postal partner is integrated into the postal logistics network, i.e. the received mail is transported, processed and the incoming mail is delivered. Since the announcement, we have already launched around 175 new types of Postal Partners, bringing the total number of Postal partners to around 400 nationwide. Experience has shown that this form of operation is efficient and effective for both customers and partner companies," said Dr. Barnabás Balczó, CEO of Magyar Posta Zrt.

 The energy-saving renovation has resulted in a modern post office building to serve the citizens of the university and the region.The energy-saving renovation has resulted in a modern post office building to serve the citizens of the university and the region.

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