Future Technologies: more SZE students graduate from Huawei's training

From 5G to Artificial Intelligence a range of modern technologies are at the heart of Huawei Technologies' Seeds for the Future talent development programme. Nearly 20 more students from Széchenyi István University have completed the training.

Huawei Technologies launched its Seeds for the Future programme in 2008, which became available to young Hungarians in 2014. SZE was the first Hungarian university to join the initiative.

In response to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus epidemic, the company has been running the talent programme in the digital space for a few years now, turning it into an online education platform for infocommunications.

During the eight-day intensive training course, participants are partly enriched with Chinese cultural knowledge, but the main focus is of course on imparting state-of-the-art technological skills. Young people will gain knowledge in areas such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and cloud computing.

The primary aim is to give students real-world, hands-on experience from one of the world's leading technology companies, bringing the skills they learn at university closer to those required by industry.

In November this year, almost 20 more students from Széchenyi István University completed the course and were personally thanked by the company for their achievements. At the ceremony, Mariann Gecse, Director of Government Relations and Communications for Hungary and the Western Balkans at Huawei Technologies, and Professor Lívia Mihályka-Ablonczy, President’s Representative for Social Relations at Széchenyi István University, welcomed the students.

"We are extremely proud of the increasing number of international students, now numbering around a thousand, studying at our university, which is very strong in training the engineers of the future," said Professor Mihályka-Ablonczy. She added that the institution places great emphasis on practice-oriented education, which is supported by this programme.

Future Technologies: more SZE students graduate from Huawei's training

Participants of the ceremony at SZE’s Management Campus (Photo: Csaba József Májer)

Bereket Basa Kiflemariam from Ethiopia, a second-year doctoral student at the University's Multidisciplinary Doctoral School, also graduated from Huawei's training. In response to our question, he said that he applied primarily to improve his ICT skills.

He was not disappointed because he has learnt a lot about 5G and artificial intelligence, for example, and wants to apply new technologies in his studies. The young African noted that he arrived at the University of Győr in 2019 and had a fantastic experience. He highlighted the modern environment, the helpfulness of the lecturers and the University community, and the practical nature of the courses.

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