Hungarian Film Club

Dear International Students!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming event of the “Hungarian Film Club”, a new social and cultural initiative that features Hungarian movies with English subtitles once a month during the Spring Term 2022. The goal of this initiative is to introduce you to Hungarian culture through movies.
You are cordially invited to this social event! Mark your calendars, guys!

“A Pál utcai fiúk
” (1969) – (The Paul Street Boys)
When: 6:00pm on Tuesday, May 17th, 2022
Building E, lecture hall G (beside the Üveges Pub)


The Boys of Paul Street 17 MAY


Synopsis of the movie:

Ferenc Molnár is best-known for his brilliant youth novel “The Paul Street Boys” (1907) that made him famous worldwide. The movie is about two gangs of boys fighting for the “grund”, an abandoned building site in Budapest, which is - for them - a cherished symbol of freedom. The story has two main characters: János Boka (the honourable leader of the Paul Street Boys) and Ernő Nemecsek (the youngest member of the group). The film is about courage, selfless leadership, dedication, and true friendship.

A true world classic of its kind, very popular in Hungary, it is also one of the most famous Hungarian novels outside the country. It has been translated into 30+ languages, and it is a required reading at school in many countries. In 2016, the Hungarian musical - based on the novel - premiered at Vígszínház, Budapest and it’s been playing with huge success ever since.

Movie trailer:

Mi vagyunk a grund“ – theme song of the musical version


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