Hungarian Film Club - A kőszívű ember fiai, I-II.” (1965) – (Sons of the Stone-Hearted Man)

Dear International Students!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming event of the “Hungarian Film Club”, a new social and cultural initiative that features Hungarian movies with English subtitles once a month during the Spring Term 2022. The goal of this cultural initiative is to introduce you to Hungarian culture through movies.
You are cordially invited to this social event! Mark your calendars, guys!

“A k
őszívű ember fiai, I-II.” (1965) – (Sons of the Stone-Hearted Man)
When: 6:00pm on Thursday, March 17th, 2022
Building E, lecture hall G (beside the Üveges Pub)

Kőszívű ember fiai, poster.jpg

Synopsis of the movie:

Based on the famous novel written by Mór Jókai, the heroic-romantic film shows through the lives of the three Baradlay brothers that truth and fairness can triumph even at the cost of death, despite the tempting and rewarding spinelessness, compromise, and careerism.


After the death of Kázmér Baradlay, who was a loyal supporter of the Habsburg Emperor, the strong-willed widow, Mrs. Baradlay - wanting her sons to be happy and ‘good’ Hungarians - invites them to return home from abroad: the oldest son, Ödön, is a diplomat in St. Petersburg (Russia),the middle son, Richárd, is a soldier and the youngest one, Jenő, is a civil servant at the Habsburg Court in Vienna (Austria). The revolution breaks out in Vienna in March 1848. Going against their father’s will, during the War of Independence (1848/49) the three brothers fight for Hungary’s independence against the Habsburg Empire. After the defeat of the War of Independence, the youngest brother, Jenő, who is facing a promising career as a civil servant, sacrifices his own life to save that of his brothers.


This film is one of the most popular “classics” of Hungarian cinema with over 9.5 million viewers.
The novel is a required reading in grade 7 of elementary schools in Hungary.

Movie trailer:

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