Hungarian Film Club - Sose halunk meg (1993) – drama & comedy (We never die)

Sose halunk meg, poster.jpgWe are pleased to announce the last event of the “Hungarian Film Club” in the Spring Term 2022, featuring Hungarian movies with English subtitles. You are cordially invited to this social event! 

Mark your calendars, guys. Please, join us for the last movie night of the term! 

“Sose halunk meg” (1993) – drama & comedy (We never die)
When: 6:00pm on Thursday, June 9th, 2022
Where: Building E, Lecture Hall G (beside the Üveges Pub)

Synopsis of the movie:

The movie is one of the most successful Hungarian cult films of the 1990s  - the time signaling the end of the communist era & the so-called ‘change of regime’ in Hungary. The film begins in the 1990s as the actor Imre Tordai goes to the horse-race and remembers his experiences in his youth with his uncle.
The film is a coming-of-age movie set in the 1960s. It is about Gyuri bácsi, a salesman selling coat hangers travelling around with Imre, his shy and reserved teenage nephew. Gyuri bácsi is a typical womanizer with a good heart who introduces his insecure nephew to the beauties of “real life” (freedom, women, and the enjoyment of food) as they travel together in the Hungarian countryside. 

The movie established a new film genre in Hungary, the so-called “sad comedy”. It became popular because of its humorous jokes that ridiculed the controversies of the communist regime, showing how one can survive happily and joyfully in an indifferent and cruel political system. The theme song of the movie “Nagy utazás” (the great journey), performed by Gábor Presser, greatly contributed to the popularity of the movie and it’s still played regularly by Hungarian radio stations.


Movie trailer:

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