Industry 4.0 professional award for SZE’s industrial digitalisation solutions

The Digital Development Centre at Széchenyi István University has won this year's Industry 4.0 professional award established by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MIT) in the category of organisations implementing education, training programmes, research, development and innovation. The award is an indication of the high quality of the University's R&D activities, including in the field of industrial digitalisation, which contribute significantly to strengthening the competitiveness of the region.

MIT established the Industry 4.0 Professional Award in 2019, presented for the second time this year to organisations that have achieved significant performance and success in the transition to Industry 4.0. The award was also presented to Széchenyi István University’s Digital Development Centre in recognition of its many groundbreaking research projects.

These have included the development of an IoT platform and an infrastructure and area-monitoring drone, which can be used to increase the level of preparedness of an area security system while reducing its costs. Also among the good practices, with the sponsorship of the Automotive Industry Research Centre in close cooperation with the Digital Development Centre, is a buoy placing robot, used to mark out test tracks without human intervention operate in the ZalaZONE park in Zalaegerszeg.

Ipar 4.0 photo.jpgDr Áron Ballagi, Head of the Department of Automation (middle), received the award on behalf of SZE.

"For me, the message of the award is that we are on the right track and have set the right directions. Our centre was established just two years ago and since then it has proven to be a centre of excellence in R&D and innovation," said István Drotár, Head of the Centre for Digital Development at Széchenyi University, emphasizing that they work in cooperation with industry stakeholders and the Ministry. He said that they have developed a win-win scheme, whereby companies contribute their industrial experience, the University its knowledge and R&D potential, while the regulatory side can create the right supportive environment.

"As a 5G centre of excellence and a drone centre, Széchenyi István University has been sought after by industry, and the change of model has given a new impetus to cooperation with market players. Our institution has a good reputation in the market, and we are at the forefront in this field, because we serve our corporate partners with high quality, and we conduct our research and training of future professionals with similar quality." Dr Drotár highlighted.

Dr Ferenc Szauter, Head of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research at Széchenyi István University, stressed that industrial digitalisation is one of the keys to industrial development, where the highest possible added value, research and development play key roles. "In this the University can provide significant assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as to multinational companies. This is why Széchenyi István University, together with Eötvös Loránd University Research Network’s Computer and Automation Research Institute, has set up the Industry 4.0 Laboratory, which also includes a model factory." he replied in answer to our question.

He also said that, in addition to the appropriate laboratory background, the University's increasing activities in the ZalaZONE Park in Zalaegerszeg should be highlighted. According to Dr Ferenc Szauter, the award also shows that the industrial digitalisation activities of Széchenyi István University are a national benchmark and a model in the fields of education, research and innovation.

Dr Zoltán Horváth, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Informatics and Electrical Engineering commented, “The value of this prestigious award is enhanced by the fact that it is a professional recognition. It is a confirmation that Széchenyi István University is engaged in high quality research and development activities in the most topical areas, such as Industry 4.0, which strengthen the competitiveness of the region and the country."

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