International Food Night

On 25th October, the Erasmus Student Network, Győr, with the assistance of the Students’ Union (EHÖK) and the support of Széchenyi István University organised an international event entitled Food Night, which involved almost one hundred participants. The event was funded by a government EFOP grant to enhance the internationalization process and to strengthen the cooperation and interaction between Hungarian and international students at the University.

A dozen teams representing diverse cultures and countries spent the afternoon cooking together in the kitchens of the University canteen. The aim of this programme was to promote the integration of international students as well as giving Hungarian students an opportunity to encounter new cultures and sample various specialities from around the globe. Many teams demonstrated their culinary skills with both vegetarian and vegan foods as well.

In connection with this event, the Centre of International Programmes (CIP) held an information session for Hungarian students interested in the outgoing ERASMUS mobility programmes offered by the university. Following this, the Hungarian students joined participants at the Food Night event.   

When all the various foods were ready, students were invited to try each other’s dishes. Everybody had the opportunity to talk with members of other teams about their eating habits and meals, and, most importantly, to vote for the best meal of the season. The first three places went to China, Pakistan and Indonesia but other cuisines on show included Japanese, Spanish, German, Mexican, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Turkish and Tunisian.

Special guests invited to the event were the Vice-Rector of Széchenyi István University Ms Eszter Lukács, Mr Zsolt Kovács, the University’s Director General, Mr Péter Knauz, Head of Uniklub Kft. and Mr Attila Mayer, the owner of a local restaurant. Colleagues from the Centre of International Programmes also took part in this event.

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