***UPDATED***-Call for proposals for International Scientific Workshop 2018

Call for proposals for International Scientific Workshop 2018 Autumn Term

The Scientific and Artistic Students’ Associations Conference 2018

07 November 2018

Application deadline: 17 October 2018

***UPDATED*** The application period is now closed. Thank you for all the applications.

The Scientific and Artistic Students’ Associations Committee of Széchenyi István University and the University Student Government invites all international students from all fields-Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and  Arts- to participate in The International Scientific Workshop 2018 as part of The Scientific and Artistic Students' Associations Conference 2018.

What is The Scientific and Artistic Students' Associations Conference (TMDK)?

  • The aim of The Scientific and Artistic Students' Associations Conference (TMDK) is to enable talented students to be able to adapt to their career paths in accordance with their abilities, to become acquainted with the basics and methods of scientific research and artistic activity, to engage in research in their field of expertise and arts.
  • It is a form of self-study designed to promote student research and artistic creativity. A continuous tutorial (mentor) student-teacher workshop, an important area of quality intellectual training, the most important and most significant form of talent management in Hungarian higher education.
  • Students' work will be guided by the tutor(s) and as a result, students gain a deeper understanding of the art field, profession or discipline. It also promotes the acquisition of research methods and the development of the students' abilities.
  • Within the framework of the TMDK, the students strive to attain in-depth and complementary knowledge in their field.


How to participate in the workshop

The friendly and supportive atmosphere of the Conference will allow students to improve their academic skills and also to connect with international colleagues and faculty members.

Participants will have the unique opportunity:

  • to present the progress of their work in a freely chosen academic/research topic
  • to discuss the results of their ongoing studies in order to support future activity
  • to establish international contacts
  • to compare the studies in various countries.
  • Presentations should be coordinated and supported by a mentor lecturer. Topics can be chosen by the student, mentor teacher, can be related or non-related to the student’s studies, but should be more detailed and in-depth than the usual semester works.
  • Participants chosen to present their project should be prepared to submit a full proposal (ppt). Presentations will be limited to 10-15 minutes, with additional 5 minutes for discussion.


To take part, please submit your application by filling in the online application form here.

Application deadline: 17 October 2018.

Please submit your application before 17 October 2018.

***UPDATED*** The application period is now closed. Thank you for all the applications.

For further information, please contact the Centre of International programmes (i.sipos@sze.hu)

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(Administrative Building 101.)

0036/96/503-418, 0036/503-419


  am pm
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