Lecturer of SZE participated in a four-month study trip to Bologna

Dr. Edina Koch, Associate Professor at Széchenyi István University, spent four months in Bologna, gaining new knowledge, professional contacts and a lot of experience. During her study trip, which was supported by the Széchenyi István University Foundation's Experience Abroad Grant, the lecturer identified a number of common goals and project ideas with the colleagues from the University of Bologna.

Dr. Edina Koch, lecturer of the Department of Structural Engineering and Geotechnics at the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Transport Sciences of the Széchenyi István University, has established a cooperation with the geotechnical team of the University of Bologna. Széchenyi István University Foundation's Experience Abroad Grant provided the opportunity for her to spend four months at the prestigious Italian institution.  

For Edina Koch (fifth from left in the photo), the study trip provided an excellent opportunity to build academic contacts.


The Foundation attaches great importance to encouraging members of the university to develop their talents and creativity, which will also strengthen the competitiveness of the institution. This is the aim of the experience abroad scholarship, which is open to those who have been teaching in English for at least three semesters. The aim of the grant is to give the winners the opportunity to develop a global outlook, improve their scientific competences in English, support their development in research methodology, and encourage the production of Scopus-registered publications

Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna was the first European higher education institution, and is still in operation today (Photo: University of Bologna)

The time spent at the University of Bologna has given Dr. Edina Koch a wide range of new knowledge and experience.

"The study trip gave me an excellent opportunity to get to know the Italian institution's training programmes, both undergraduate and master's programmes. I was able to actively participate in the life of the department and in many events.", reported the Associate Professor of Széchenyi University. During her stay, she gained an insight into Italian civil and environmental engineering courses. According to Dr Edina Koch, the two universities have very similar teaching methods, such as project-based education, which has long been present in undergraduate courses in Győr, but is only applied in master's courses in Bologna.

Besides gaining professional and teaching experience, the study trip was also rich in experiences. The lecturer highlighted the Italian way of life and the wonderful atmosphere she had the opportunity to experience for four months, as well as the beauty of Bologna and other cities. "Bologna is a famous and historic city, and its university has a history going back more than nine hundred years. I feel the success of the institution lies in the spirit of the place, which provides an excellent basis for teaching and research.”, she said.

In addition to research and academic programmes, there was time to explore the beautiful Italian countryside.


The trip also provided Edina Koch with many unconventional opportunities. She counts an event in Rome as her greatest experience.

"Through the intervention of my geotechnical colleagues, as president of the Hungarian Geotechnical Society, I was able to participate in an event organised by the Italian Geotechnical Society in the Italian capital, which takes place only once a year. This was a great honour, as the programme is only advertised to Italian members, said the Széchenyi University lecturer, who is very grateful for the scholarship support.

The success of the study trip will also be demonstrated by the success of the projects and tenders organised jointly by Bologna University and Széchenyi István University. Further cooperation between the two institutions could be established, in particular in the field of geotechnics and hydraulic engineering. Dr Edina Koch will also be able to use her experience in Bologna in other projects, such as her research work at the National Laboratory for Water Science and Water Security as a member of the water management research group.

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