Leisure zone and quality food await everyone at the campus of SZE in Mosonmagyaróvár

Széchenyi István University is committed to providing high quality services to its students and staff. To this end, the institution has created a renewed community space and a buffet offering quality products for university citizens at the Albert Kázmér Faculty of Mosonmagyaróvár.

Recently,  at the campus of Széchenyi István University in Mosonmagyaróvár new, bigger variety of food is being offerd and the faculty has also added a pleasant rest area. From now on, university citizens can relax in the Phare building in a cosy communal space, where, in addition to comfortable sofas, food and drink vending machines await them. And for those looking for delicious sandwiches, hot coffee or pastries, the new campus canteen (formerly the Strauss café) is the place to go. Quality is guaranteed, among other things, by the Lipót Bakery, which offers freshly baked products. Opening hours are now adjusted to the school timetable, from Monday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


A wide range of delicious snacks and refreshments and a pleasant environment await students in the new university canteen (Photo: András Adorján)

"In addition to academic and infrastructure development, Széchenyi István University aims to focus on the comfort and well-being of its citizens on all campuses of the institution. The current renewal is an excellent example of this, and through it our students and colleagues will have access to a wide range of quality products here in Mosonmagyaróvár as well", underlined the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Tamás Tóth.


The community space in the Phare building is a great place to relax or even study together (Photo: András Adorján)

A variety of delicious sandwiches and freshly baked pastries are available in the new university canteen (Photo: András Adorján)

H-9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1. 


(Administration Building 103.)

0036/96/613-700, 0036/503-419


  am pm
Monday  10:00-12:00 12:30-14:00
Tuesday  10:00-12:00 12:30-14:00
Wednesday  10:00-12:00 12:30-14:00
Thursday  10:00-12:00 12:30-14:00
Friday  10:00-11:00 12:30-14:00