M5 Art Salon Award for the retired associate professor of Széchenyi István University

László Barabás, painter, graphic artist and highly valued lecturer of the predecessor of the Széchenyi István University's Apáczai Csere János Faculty of Pedagogy, Humanities and Social Sciences, has been awarded the M5 Art Salon Prize for his half centtury contribution to and his participation in the multifaceted shaping of Győr's artistic life. The award was presented on 3 April

László Barabás, who workswith graphics, oil painting and many other artistic disciplines, still plays a decisive role in the art scene of Győr. The painter was an adjunct professor at the János Apáczai Csere János Teacher Training College from 1971, and from 1988 he was the head of the Visual Education Department at the college. Now 90 years old, he continues to run his school of painting with undiminished energy. His publications and exhibitions have made him Győr's longest-standing artist. Since the 1970s, he has been a teacher and associate professor in Győr, and thanks to his work over a quarter of a century, he is still revered as an emblematic figure of the Apáczai-Kar.

The M5 Art Salon Award was founded by Dr. János Rechnitzer, an eminent representative of the regional field of science and professor at Széchenyi István University. The renowned economist joined the teaching staff of the University when the Department of External Regional Studies was founded, and later became the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Economics, then Deputy Rector and founder of the Doctoral School. He was actively involved in the academic life of the University and conscientiously guided the career of his doctoral students. In recognition of his academic work at home and abroad, he was awarded the "Citizen of Győr" distinction.

In honour of the memory of Dr. János Rechnitzer, professor and art collector, who passed away last year, the current members of the society decided to award the prize, founded on his initiative, for the first time to László Barabás, the mentor and teacher of many of them. The prize is the work of painter István Csizamadia. The award ceremony on 3 April was attended by 18 members of the M5 Art Society, who paid tribute to the recipient's professional career and impact on the Győr art scene.

Barabás László díj.jpgThe presenters of the prize awarded to László Barabás (seventh from left) (Photo: András Adorján)


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