MBA programmes

Thirty-five English-taught programmes are on offer at Széchenyi István University from September, including the new fully online Master of Business Administration (MBA), which awards graduates with a certificate not only from the University of Győr, but also from the University of Rhode Island, USA.

“One of the pillars of Széchenyi István University’s strategy is to increase its global visibility. The means to achieve this is internationalization and, from September, 35 English-taught programmes are on offer to Hungarian and international students from well over fifty countries,” explained Dr Eszter Lukács, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs. She added that a great help in all this is the fact that the institution maintains close relations with the local government of Győr and Audi Hungaria Zrt., which alone produces 10 percent of Hungarian exports and contributes significantly to domestic GDP. The company is the University’s most important customer of research and services, with about half of its engineers graduating from the Győr institution.

Dr Lukács emphasized that also in the process of internationalization the Audi company is a huge support. Szécheni István University has reached another important stage in this process, with the September launch of a fully online four-semester English-taught Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme in collaboration with the University of Rhode Island (URI), USA. There are about 15,000 MBA programmes in the world, only five percent of which hold the prestigious AACSB accreditation, including the MBA at SZE-URI – the only one in Hungary. American instructors will teach on the programme and graduates will receive double degrees from both Széchenyi István University and the University of Rhode Island. According to the Vice-Rector, this could be an extremely good opportunity, for example, for engineers or healthcare professionals who want to work in management, to acquire state-of-the-art American knowledge.

Students with a BA / BSc undergraduate degree from Hungary or abroad can apply for the programme by August 11 on

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