Milán Horváth has received a lot from Széchenyi István University, now he is giving something back

Gratitude is also due to Milán Horváth, an electrical engineer and former student of Széchenyi István University, for the recent high-value donation from the Győr branch of Siemens Zrt. in support of the educational activities of the University. The engineer, who organized the donation, offers his help wherever possible. Nowadays, after finishing his working day at Siemens, he volunteers for the National Ambulance Service.

Why do you consider it important to lobby your employer in favour of Széchenyi István University?

I didn't have to lobby much, because most of my colleagues - in Siemens' Győr office - graduated from Széchenyi István University. And the relationship between the institution and the company has been very good for a long time. All my colleagues think it is important to support their alma mater.

Your connection to the University of Győr is obviously strong.

I received a lot from Széchenyi István University, and I would like to give something back. I really liked attending there, and I even delayed finishing my studies. From the first year, I was a member of the Student Union (HÖK), and perhaps that is why I can see what may be required in the institution from the point of view of students, teachers and industry. I made an effort to help organize the donation, and it is also my job then to see that the opportunities offered by Siemens' modern equipment are used to the maximum by students of the University.

My college life was intertwined with my HÖK career, so from the beginning I tried to help people. This gave me a sense of comfort, and you could say that I also considered advocacy to be my hobby. This attitude also guides me now, after my graduation: where I can, I help. Now, after work, I take on volunteer duties at the National Ambulance Service.

You mentioned that you had gained a lot from Széchenyi István University. What meant the most to you?

In addition to professional training, I was able to form valuable human relationships, and while I was involved in student advocacy, my communication and problem-solving skills improved spectacularly. Before my college years, I lived in a small village and kept pretty much to myself. In comparison, these days I am no longer tense when it comes to talking to people, as I was also looking forward to this interview, and I am happy to build up my professional and private contacts. Many thanks are due to my mentor, Dr Gergely Kovács, who smoothed the way ahead for me. He recommended the Siemens internship programme at the time, and was my dissertation consultant, and he is one of the few people with whom you can sometimes also talk about completely abstract topics. And in my advocacy role, I have found that I can do much more to solve the problems of others than I can for myself. I am grateful that my professional knowledge and personality could take shape in this medium.

Are you planning to continue your studies?

I am sure that I will continue my studies at the University of Győr, as I would like to gain more knowledge in other professional fields as well. In my opinion, Széchenyi offers the same level of theoretical education as anywhere else, but both the teaching staff and the institution equally provide a dynamically developing medium for the transfer of practical knowledge.

Milán Horváth


Siemens supported the educational activities of the University of Győr with a valuable donation of instruments. The modern equipment was handed over to Dr Ferenc Szauter, Head of the Automotive Industry Research Centre at Széchenyi István University, Dr Áron Ballagi, Head of the Automation Department, and students Norbert Markó and Beatrix Formaggini by Tamás Jeránek, Divisional Director of Siemens Zrt., Csaba Pálla, Head of the Győr office of Siemens Zrt. and electrical engineer, Milán Horváth

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