Modern signposting system under construction on the University of Győr’s campus

SZE_Tablak_Telepitese_2021_03_Majer_Csaba_Jozsef.jpgHungarian and international students of Széchenyi István University, as well as guests of the institution, will in future be aided by a new, modern signposting system. Begun just recently, the investment will be completed in Spring.

Széchenyi István University has undergone significant development in recent years, which is true not only for education and research, but also for expansion of the infrastructure. A series of new buildings has been built: the two wings of the Multifunctional Building, housing modern student Halls of Residence, the Management Campus, the Brake Pad Building and the Packaging and Environmental Testing Laboratory. This large-scale transformation in itself justifies the need to build a signposting system.


Preparatory work has already begun on the Győr campus. Photo: Csaba József Májer

“In recent years, the number of international students at our university has increased fivefold, and according to our survey, it was they who specifically called for the construction of the new system. Thanks are due to the management of the institution for responding so quickly to this request. Of course, the development will also help our nearly thirteen thousand Hungarian students. The third reason for the investment is that Széchenyi István University is open, maintaining extremely close relations with businesses and non-governmental organizations, and it is not only for the University’s staff and students that quality services and programmes are provided. It is also important then for our guests to be able to orientate themselves easily and quickly on the central campus,” explained Dr Eszter Lukács, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs.

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Design of the combined signpost

Gergő Lőrincz, creative director of the University Service Centre, gave details of the plans: three types of Hungarian and English signposts - a total of 16 - will be placed on the Győr campus, in locations chosen so that by using the signs, a stranger can easily reach their destination. There will be six standard orientation signposts with small pointers on a pole, indicating the directions of various destinations. There will in addition be nine combined signposts, an expanded version of the previous type, incorporating a map. The lighting of these latter will be provided, in the name of sustainable development, by solar panels. Apart from these, a so-called "portal board" will be installed in the university sports park. Preparatory work has already begun and the investment is expected to be completed in Spring. As part of the plan, the specialist added, signage will also be modernized and adapted to the current operations on campus, with the new institutional logo visible everywhere.

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Signage will also be modernized on the campus with the new institutional logo everywhere visible

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