National holiday: Széchenyi University staff, students and associates honoured

Several employees of Széchenyi István University, a former student, and cooperation partners received awards from the state and the Győr administration on the occasion of the national holiday on March 15th.

Dr Bihari Mihály, a jurist, Doctor of Political Science, Professor Emeritus of Széchenyi István University, and former President of the Constitutional Court, received the Széchenyi Award for his outstanding role in establishing Hungarian political science education, significant contributions in the fields of science, teaching, and educational administration, as well as for his foundational role in organizing Law Education at the university level in Győr.

Allami_kituntetesek_cikk_kep_1.jpgPresident Tamás Sulyok presented the Széchenyi Award to Bihari Mihály. (Photo: MTI/Máthé Zoltán)

Dr Choi Insu, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Performance Arts at Széchenyi István University, and pianist, as well as Márta Mészáros, Head of the University’s Centre for International Programmes and Alumni, received the Civilian Division of the Hungarian Order of Merit Knight's Cross. Ferenc Őrsi, a former student who graduated in Automotive Engineering in Győr and the industrial designer of a leading international bus manufacturing company, who maintains an intensive relationship with the alma mater, also received this recognition. 

Allami_kituntetesek_cikk_kep_2.jpgMárta Mészáros and Dr Choi Insu received the Civilian Division of the Hungarian Order of Merit Knight's Cross.

Mészáros István, a master instructor and colleague of the Telecommunications Department, received the Civilian Division of the Hungarian Order of Merit Gold Cross. Also receiving this recognition was Szabady János, an economist and local sports historian, who, as former Chief Administration Officer of a water management company operating in the Győr region, organized collaboration between the company and the University over several decades. 

Dr Dániel Pup, university adjunct lecturer, professional coordinator at the University's Vehicle Industry Research Centre, and lecturer at the Department of Road and Railway Vehicles, was awarded the Civilian Division of the Hungarian Order of Merit Silver Cross.

Allami_kituntetesek_cikk_kep_3.jpgDr Dániel Pup and István Mészáros received their awards at the ceremony held at the Pesti Vigadó.


At the ceremonial general assembly held on the occasion of March 15th, Honorary Citizen of Győr titles and the Pro Urbe Győr awards were presented. The municipality conferred honorary citizenship on Dr. Ervin Kerényi, lawyer; Béla Kulcsár, forensic automotive expert; Tibor Villányi, President of the Győr Jewish Community; and Barnabás Zalán, former CEO of the Rába Factory.

Dr Ervin Kerényi provided valuable legal advice that significantly supported the development of the predecessor of Széchenyi István College in the 1990s and was a member of the professional body preparing the launch of legal education at the Győr university level. Béla Kulcsár is an honorary associate professor at Széchenyi István University and lecturer in traffic safety. Tibor Villányi is a distinguished figure among the University's associates, the recipient of the institution's highest community award, the Pro Universitate Prize. From 1996 to 2001, Barnabás Zalán, as a member of the Universitas-Győr Foundation's board of trustees, supported the preparation and organization of the Győr University with his wide-ranging business connections, thoughtful suggestions, and critically formulated opinions.

Painter Tamás János Ferenczi, photographer György Molnár, and, posthumously, poet Csáky Anna, were awarded the Pro Urbe Győr Prize. György Molnár, as one of the editors of the Győri Szalon, always warmly welcomes news about Széchenyi István University's activities. Anna Csáky was once a language teacher at the institution.

Allami_kituntetesek_cikk_kep_4.jpgThe distinguished guests of the ceremonial assembly in Győr with the Mayor, Professor Dr Csaba András Dézsi. (Photo: Gábor Marcali)

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