October Seminar in Comparative Government - 2019

Széchenyi István University’s Faculty of Law is organising a three day Seminar in Comparative Government. The seminar, which will run from 30th September until 2nd October, comprises 16 contact hours plus networking. The course supervisor is Prof. István Strumpf and course coordinator is Prof. Péter Smuk.

The aim of the seminar

The seminar as a part (separate module) of the Law and Governance programme offers experience and knowledge in the field of leadership, decision-making and governance. Participants will gain practical knowledge in public law pertaining to democratic governance; models of government; legislatives studies; IT of governance. The primary goal of the programme is to enable legal experts to participate efficiently in different levels of decision-making processes, in both the public and private sector. The programme provides additional insight into governmental decision-making and will also include communication activities, networking and cultural events in Győr and Budapest. 

Course topics and teachers

Comparative government: Prof. István Stumpf, CSc.

Legislative Studies: Prof. Péter Smuk, PhD

IT in Governance: Gergely G. Karácsony, PhD

Democracy, Elections, Representation: Csaba Erdős, PhD


Visits to central and local governmental institutions in both Győr and Budapest are included.

The seminar carries 16 credit points and a certificate, Workshop in Comparative Government, will be awarded to seminar participants. The tuition fee is 300 euros, with the deadline for applications being 3rd September.


H-9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1. 


(Administration Building 103.)

0036/96/613-700, 0036/503-419


  am pm
Monday  10:00-12:00 12:30-14:00
Tuesday  10:00-12:00 12:30-14:00
Wednesday  10:00-12:00 12:30-14:00
Thursday  10:00-12:00 12:30-14:00
Friday  10:00-11:00 12:30-14:00