Outdoor concerts at Széchenyi University: ByeAlex, Kispál, T. Danny on the Bridge Garden stage


The Bridge Garden, Győr's only permanent open-air stage, began its fourth season in a row this year. Between May and October, the country's most popular performers will visit the banks of the Mosoni-Danube, from BSW to Gyula Deák Bill, from T. Danny to Elefánt, from Kispál és a Borz to Ossian. On Saturday 11 May, the Bridge Garden of the Student Club of Széchenyi István University opened its doors with a performance by ByeAlex.


A few years ago, the open-air stage in the Bridge Students and Teachers Club of Széchenyi István University was still a curiosity, but today, in line with changes in the events sector, it has become an integral and indispensable part of cultural life, providing a festival-like concert experience for Győr and the surrounding area for months on end. The concept has been a success, and last year the interest in the concept increased further. The Bridge Garden is now in its fourth season, and due to the high attendance, it is growing in size and time: with even more performers than before, this time from mid-May to early October.


The opening concert on 11 May saw ByeAlex és a Slepp warming up the crowd after last year's big success, followed by BSW and Ossian the following weekend. This year, T. Danny will take to the Bridge Garden stage for the first time, alongside a number of returning bands, and the metal band Bonfire will be the first foreign act to perform. Rock and alternative fans will also be in for a treat, with the likes of Gyula Bill Deák, Kalapács and P. Mobil, as well as Elefánt, Csaknekedkislány and Analog Balaton, among others, performing on the club's stage. As a special treat, on Thursday, 30 May, Kispál és a Borz will also be heading to the Bridge Garden for their album release tour, which will be the only time this year that the band will be performing live in Győr.


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The Bridge Garden offers spectacular views of the river and the city (Photo: András Adorján)


"Compared to last year, this year we are opening even earlier, in the middle of May, as we have experienced that there is a huge interest in the May-June period for Hungarian performers" - said Péter Németh-Bende, the manager of Bridge Student and Teacher Club, who added: together with the free events in the city, at the the weekend an incredibly colourful outdoor period will begin, where everyone can find the music programme to their liking.


"Audiences also loved the acoustic evenings, which we will continue this year, but they are still being organised. There will also be some after parties following the concerts, such as the Zaki and Bullet rock disco. We have also made sure that we do not clash with any big events in the area, such as the Győr summer opening or summer closing weekend," said Péter Németh-Bende.


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Festival atmosphere in the Bridge Students and Teachers Club (Gallery: András Adorján)


The already advertised Bridge Garden concerts:

- 11.05.2024 (Saturday) - ByeAlex and the Slepp

- 17.05.2024 (Friday) - BSW and the Gang

- 18.05.2024 (Saturday) - Ossian

- 30.05.2024 (Thursday) - Kispál and the Badger

- 07.06.2024 (Friday) - T. Danny live

- 2024.06.08. (Saturday) - Krúbi

- 2024.06.18. (Tuesday) - Bonfire

- 21.06.2024 (Friday) - Hammer + Deák Bill Gyula

- 06.07.2024 (Saturday) - Alvin and the Squirrels + Junkies

- 19.07.2024 (Friday) - P. Mobile + Hell Machine

- 17.08.2024 (Saturday) - Mobilmania

- 14.09.2024 (Saturday) - Total Metal

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