Poland's leading horticultural company invites students of SZE to take part in their internship

Széchenyi István University and the Polish agricultural company Primavega signed a cooperation agreement on 27 February. Besides the research, development and innovation partnerships, the company, a leader in precision farming, offers students of the Albert Kázmér Mosonmagyaróvár Faculty of Mosonmagyaróvár University the opportunity to work in various production units.

"Healthy food production, precision farming, sustainability, environmental protection, regional and rural development are the key elements of our faculty. These are interdisciplinary topics, so it is a huge advantage that at Széchenyi University the fields of engineering, technology and information technology cooperate well with agricultural sciences," stressed Dr. Tamás Tóth, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Rural Development. He also said that the institution manages 500 hectares, their students may learn about the latest technologies applied in Smart Farm (university farm), and a modern greenhouse is being planned on campus to deepen horticultural knowledge.

7f5c56_b1206aaa379a4c3e8324631a6c0c3465~mv2.webpKrysztof Rózycki, Production Director of Primavega in Poland, and Dr. Tamás Tóth, Dean of the Albert Kázmér Mosonmagyaróvár Faculty of Széchenyi István University (Photo: Máté Dudás) 

He added that corporate relations are a priority, and broad cooperation strengthens practice-oriented training, joint research and development, and the new innovations in the field of agricultural automation. "We are delighted to be working with one of Poland's leading horticultural companies, which will further enhance the opportunities for our students," he underlined.

Dr. Balázs Húth, Head of the Department of Animal Sciences, explained that Primavega practises precision farming on more than 1,000 hectares and organic farming on another 50 hectares of land. Under the terms of the agreement, the students of Széchenyi University will have the opportunity to spend their internships at the company. "The company's international expansion, including Hungary, means that it requires well-trained professionals locally as well, so this relationship is an excellent opportunity for our students," he said.

The participants of the event were: Dr. Zoltán Molnár, Deputy Dean for Science and International Affairs of the Faculty of Science of Széchenyi University, Dr. Balázs Húth, Head of the Department of Animal Sciences, Dr. Erika Hanczné Lakatos, Deputy Dean for Innovation of the Faculty, Krysztof Rózycki, Production Director of Primavega, Dr. Tamás Tóth, Dean of the Faculty and Dr. Balázs Ásványi, Deputy Dean for Corporate Relations. (Photo: Máté Dudás)

"As a university student myself, I spent my internships abroad, so I know how much experience this means for a young professional. This is one of the reasons why I am a great supporter of our joint programme," said Krysztof Rózycki, Production Director at Primavega. He stressed that the company's philosophy is to follow the journey of vegetables from the soil to the table, so every stage from production to processing and transport is taken care of. “Due to the huge demand for healthy products throughout Europe we want to further develop but it also requires a sufficient supply of specialists," he stated.d. He also mentioned that his company is committed to state-of-the-art technologies and is keen to share its knowledge with the professionals of the future. The internship will also give young people the opportunity to learn about the cultural and historical values of their country. 

Dr. Tamás Tóth concluded that the company and the university share their commitment to precision farming, which enhances sustainability, and he hopes that the partnership will have a positive impact in as many areas as possible for both parties. After the signing ceremony, the students were provided detailed information about the internship offered by the company, which is expected to give them the opportunity to gain experience in Poland this summer.


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