Recognition Awards Presented at SZE’s Ceremony for 15th March 


In a dignified ceremony, Széchenyi István University commemorated the events of the 1848–49 Revolution and War of Independence. During the event, doctoral degrees were conferred, and prestigious awards were presented to individuals whose work has significantly contributed to the development of the institution.

"We remember the historically significant and decisive events of 176 years ago when the March youth united for Hungary's independence and modernization. One thing hasn't changed since then: everyone must do everything in their power for our resilience and future in their respective fields. 

It is our responsibility to ensure that our university excels, promoting regional development, enhancing economic competitiveness through our educational, research and development, and innovation activities. This is how we contribute to a strong Hungary," stated Professor Dr Ferenc Friedler, Rector and Vice President for Scientific Affairs of the institution in his ceremonial address. 

He emphasized the need for international-level research, collaboration with companies developing cutting-edge technologies, modern infrastructure, and outstanding students and staff to achieve the University's goals. "In these areas, we have achieved significant results in recent years, as reflected in our institution's performance on global rankings. We owe gratitude to our lecturers, researchers, and colleagues who laid the groundwork for our success. However, we all know that further efforts are needed as we compete with the world's most prestigious universities," he added.

Following the address, the ceremony continued with the presentation of awards. The Pro Universitate Award recognizes University staff and supporters, as well as public figures, who have significantly contributed to the institution's goals, reputation, authority and esteem. Among the recipients were Pál Schmitt, former President of Hungary and Olympic champion, who received the award for his role as one of the founders of the specialized sports diplomacy training programme at Széchenyi István University, which operates successfully and uniquely, and for being a key member of its leading team of teachers, as well as Professor Dr Lívia Ablonczy-Mihályka, former Vice Dean of the University’s Kautz Gyula Faculty of Economics, former Dean of the Apáczai Csere János Faculty and the institution's presidential appointee responsible for social relations.


Former President of Hungary, Pál Schmitt, in a brief speech thanked the University for the award, acknowledging the development of Széchenyi István University. (Photó: András Adorján)


The title of Professor Emeritus was conferred upon Dr László János Faragó, retired University professor, for his decades-long teaching and research activities in regional planning and development, as well as in recognition of his mentoring work at the institution's Doctoral School of Regional Sciences and Business Administration & Management Sciences.

The Senate of Széchenyi István University awarded the title of Honorary University Professor to diplomat Dr Barnabás Kovács, founding director of the University’s Budapest Innovation and Training Centre, and to internationally recognized radio telecommunications experts Dr István Bozsóki and Dr József Orbán. The title of Honorary University Associate Professor was awarded to Mónika Czechmeister, head of internal communications at Audi Hungaria, Annamária Faludi-Jári, a former student of Széchenyi István University, and András Levente Gál, founder and managing partner of Gál & Partners Law Firm, while honorary master instructor title was awarded to Lívia Herold, instructor at the Lukács Sándor Automotive and Mechanical Engineering Vocational School and College of Győr.

The Board of Trustees’ Gold Commendation Certificate was awarded to Katalin Rozsos, a teacher at Széchenyi István University's Öveges Kálmán Practice Elementary School, and Zsófia Rita Tátrai, head of the Academic Administration Department at the University.



The event, held in the atrium of the New Knowledge Space building of Széchenyi István University, attracted a full audience. (Photo: András Adorján)


Széchenyi István University recognizes long-term outstanding teaching activities with the Pro Educatione Award. Recipients of this distinction included Dr Júlia Szőke, Vice Dean for International Relations at the Apáczai Csere János Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences and Head of  the Department of International Studies and Communication, as well as Dr László Knapp, Vice Dean for Educational Affairs at the Deák Ferenc Faculty of Law and Political Sciences.

Three individuals were honoured with the Bakonyi István Outstanding Educator Award: Dr Éva Göndör, associate professor at the Department of Labour Law and Social Law, Mrs G. Kovács, master instructor at the Department of Machine Design, and Dr Richárd Horváth, associate professor at the Department of Logistics and Transport. Dr Diána Sarolta Henézi, Deputy Dean for Education at the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Transport Sciences, Dr Eszter Etelka Kertész-Györffy, instructor at the Veres Péter Agricultural and Food Industry Technical School, Dr Lajos Miklósy, chairman, board of trustees of the Győr Industrial History Foundation, and Dr Ádám Titrik, associate professor at the Department of Road and Railway Vehicles, were awarded the Outstanding Mentor Award. The Pro Scientia Arraboniensis Award, recognizing outstanding scientific and publication achievements, was presented to Dr Majid Movahedi Rad, a researcher at the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering.

The event also saw the presentation of the Excellent Staff Award to Márta Németh, reference librarian at the University Library and Archives, and Zsuzsanna Kuti-Somogyvári, training specialist at the Adult Education and Competence Development Centre. Dr Róbert Bartkó, associate professor at the Department of Criminal Sciences, received the Student-Friendly University Award.

After a performance by students Blanka Nagy and Pál Varga from the Faculty of Performing Arts, doctoral degrees were awarded to the following: Dr János Tenke, Dr Georgina Takács, Dr Jácint T. Notterpek, Dr Zoltán Zalahegyi, Dr Péter Zsigmond Szabó, Dr Gergely Mikulai, Dr Heba Zaher, Dr Hanga Horváth, Dr Ágnes Csiba-Herczeg, Dr Réka Orsolya Szabó, Dr Mutua Kennedy Ndue, Dr Attila Lajos Makai, Dr Veronika Szentes-Dézsi, Dr Andrea Wéber, Dr Klaudia Kulcsár-Talabér, Dr Balázs Szűcs, Dr István Szalay, Dr Anna Réka Sudár, Dr Tamás László Storcz, Dr Zoltán Németh, Dr János Hollósi, Dr Melinda Ágnes Kovács, Dr Miklós Csizmadia, Dr Tamás Budai, Dr Namer Samer, Dr Dávid Sipos, Dr Andor Nagy, Dr János Csaba Kun és Dr Tamás Kolossváry.


Nearly thirty took the oath and received doctoral degrees. (Photo András Adorján)


The Habilitation Council of Széchenyi István University granted habilitation doctoral degrees to six university associate professors: Dr Csaba Tóth-Nagy (Audi Hungaria Faculty of Automotive Engineering), Dr Bálint Nagy (University of Dunaújváros), Dr Dávid Fekete (Albert Kázmér Mosonmagyaróvár Faculty), Dr Balázs Húth (Albert Kázmér Mosonmagyaróvár Faculty), Dr Zoltán Varga (Albert Kázmér Mosonmagyaróvár Faculty), and Dr Anikó Éva Nyéki (Albert Kázmér Mosonmagyaróvár Faculty).

Three retiring staff members, Ms Tihamér Csete, Dr Ágota Andrásik-Kocsis, and Erzsébet Horváth- Fekete, were presented with service recognition certificates at the event.


Galeria_02 march 15.jpg

The ceremony also included the presentation of prestigious awards. (Photo: András Adorján and MekliZ Fotóstudió)


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