Recognition of SZE staff and alumni

The citizens of Széchenyi István University perform their value-creating activities not only for the benefit of the institution, but also for the benefit of a larger community, the city and the region. This is demonstrated by the fact that Dr Bálint Lampert, assistant professor, received the Győr Environmental Protection Award, Dr Pál Szakál, professor emeritus, received the title of "Outstanding University Lecturer of the City of Mosonmagyaróvár", while Dr Rezső Schmidt, professor, received the Ministry of Agriculture’s Nagyváthy János Award. Ágnes Bozsaky, a former student of the Apáczai Csere János Faculty of the University, won second place in the "Special Education Teacher of the Year" competition this year, after winning first place last year. The work of Ferenc Szabó, musician and conductor of the Győr Symphonic Band, was recognised by the town of Komárom, while the work of the Foundation for School Gardens was recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Dr Bálint Lampert, Assistant Professor at the Apáczai Csere János Faculty of Széchenyi István University, received the Kitaibel Pál Environmental Protection Medal of the Municipality of Győr on the occasion of World Environment Day on 5 June.

The university lecturer received the award for his research and teaching work in the field of environmental protection and nature conservation, and for his achievements in the field of environmental education. Dr Lampert does a lot for the education of future teachers and children, and for shaping their environmentally conscious way of thinking. His work in the field of sustainability and environmental protection is not confined to the walls of the institution: he is a committed promoter of the Forest School movement and organizer of numerous youth programmes.

Lampert pic.jpg

Dr Bálint Lampert (Photo: József Csaba Májer)

On the occasion of Teachers' Day, Dr Pál Szakál, Professor Emeritus of the Széchenyi István University, former head of the Department of Water and Environmental Sciences of the institution, received the title of "Outstanding University Lecturer of the City" from the municipality of Mosonmagyaróvár.

Dr Pál Szakál's career, his educational and scientific achievements and successes reflect the activities of the University’s Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at Mosonmagyaróvár. For decades, he has built fruitful enrolment relations with the area’s secondary schools, and through his advice and daily work he has contributed to the development of the agro-food industry in the wider region. As one of the formulators of the need for higher education cooperation and integration in Upper and Western Transdanubia, he has shaped the vision of the faculty of Mosonmagyaróvár in a decisive way.


Dr Pál Szakál (Photo: József Csaba Májer)

Dr Rezső Schmidt, Professor, former Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at Széchenyi István University, lecturer at the Antal Wittmann Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Plant, Animal and Food Sciences, received the Nagyváthy János Award.

According to the donor, the Ministry of Agriculture, “the award recognizes the practical application of his outstandingly successful work as the former Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences of the University of Győr in the teaching of Plant Sciences, the development of the Faculty’s scientific vision, its structural development and in the elaboration of the values and possibilities of cooperation.” 


Professor Dr Rezső Schmidt with Dr István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture, after the award ceremony.

Ferenc Szabó, Széchenyi István University’s winner of the Frigyes Hidas Teacher of Arts Prize and founding conductor of the Győr Symphonic Band, received the Pedagogical Award of the town of Komárom.

The Győr Symphonic Band was founded in September 1998 with the support of Széchenyi István University, the János Richter Music Secondary School and the Universitas-Győr Foundation. Students of wind and percussion instruments from the two educational institutions participate in the orchestra, providing them with orchestral practice. The repertoire includes original concert wind instrument works, sophisticated arrangements - mainly of classical music - of well-known wind composers, and some well-known musical and film scores. In almost a quarter of a century, the ensemble has performed over a hundred works.


Ferenc Szabó

On World Environment Day, the Ministry of Agriculture awarded the "For Our Environment" prize to the Foundation for School Gardens with the participation of the Faculty of Humanities at Széchenyi István University, in recognition of its outstanding activities. The award was received by Dr András Halbritter, Associate Professor, Faculty Lecturer and Izolda Mátyás, member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

Ágnes Bozsaky, a graduate of the János Apáczai Csere János Faculty of Széchenyi István University, also received a prestigious award on the occasion of Teachers' Day. The head teacher of Toddlers’ Development in Győr won the second place in the competition for the "Special Needs Teacher of the Year" award of the Szikra Talent Association for her outstanding work for people with autism. The value of the prize is enhanced by the fact that it is awarded on the basis of recommendations and votes from the parents and relatives concerned. This is the second time that families concerned have voted in large numbers for the Győr University alumna, as Ágnes Bozsaky won first place in the "Special Needs Teacher of the Year" competition a year ago.

Bozsaky Ágnes.jpg

Ágnes Bozsaky Special Education Teacher (Photo: Anre Media)

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