Rheinmetall provides significant support to the Széchenyi University Formula Student team

Rheinmetall is supporting the Arrabona Racing Team, the student team of Széchenyi István University participating in the Formula Student racing series, with a total of €15,000, or nearly six million forints. The company, whose logo now adorns the Győr-based team's racing car, has recently completed Zalaegerszeg's largest industrial investment, alongside ZalaZone, part of the Széchenyi University Group.

Rheinmetall, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, plays an important role in the Hungarian defence and military development programme "Zrínyi 2026", which includes local production. The defence company has built a 25,000 square metre hall in the neighbourhood of ZalaZone, the Zalaegerszeg Innovation Park of Széchenyi István University, next to which an off-road track of 35 hectares has been set up for testing military vehicles. 

The strong partnership between the company and Széchenyi University is demonstrated by the fact that the company is providing almost HUF 6 million in support to the Arrabona Racing Team from Győr. 

The university's student racing team is one of Europe's leading teams, and its participation in the Formula Student series provides an excellent opportunity for students to test themselves in real-life situations and gain useful practical experience before they graduate. "We are delighted to support the team as it will enable us to make a significant contribution to unlocking the potential of young people and developing their technological skills. Our experience shows that this type of collaboration benefits all parties involved."

- said Peter Sebastian Krause, Member of the Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG. "We share the Formula Student team's passion for technology and wish them every success," added Paul Walf, CEO of Rheinmetall Hungary Zrt



Paul Walf, CEO of Rheinmetall Hungary Zrt. - the company's logo is now displayed on the Arrabona Racing Team's race car.

"It is a great pleasure for us to have Rheinmetall Hungary Zrt. among our sponsors," said Szilárd Bariska, team manager of the Arrabona Racing Team. He stressed that military technology and motorsport may seem distant at first sight, but there are many points of connection, including a high level of technical knowledge, development and innovation. 

"Rheinmetall also has an automotive subsidiary, which further strengthens the partnership. We are honoured that they have placed their trust in our team and we are looking forward to a successful season, enhancing the reputation of Széchenyi István University and our sponsors."

- he underlined.



The Formula Student racing team of Széchenyi István University, the racing car of the Arrabona Racing Team.

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