RUN-EU PLUS: international short training programmes and workshops organised by SZE

Széchenyi István University was the main organiser of the English-taught short study programmes and workshops of the “RUN-EU ProfessionaL research programmes for bUsiness and Society” (RUN-EU PLUS) project this semester. The events focused on research paradigms, higher education-industry partnerships and techniques to address the main fears of young people.

In addition to Széchenyi István University, six foreign higher education institutions - the Technical University of Leiria and Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave in Portugal, Technological University of the Shannon in Ireland, NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, HAMK University in Finland and Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences in Austria - are participating in the RUN-EU PLUS project, which will be launched in 2021. In the framework of this project, online short study programmes and workshops in English were organised by the Győr-based institution and co-organised by the other project partners in the semester just ended.

Emilia Papp, Head of International Project Team and international project officer at the University's Tender and Project Board, said: the events were attended by almost a hundred researchers and students from Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, the Netherlands, Finland and Austria. The first event of the four-day series was held in February, where the audience was introduced to research paradigms through lectures by Dr László Komlósi, Professor at SZE, and Lisa O'Rourke Scott, Professor at the Technological University of the Shannon. The workshop participants learned, among other things, how practical knowledge can be linked to research processes and methods.

The second workshop in April focused on cooperation between academia and industry and its impact on regional economic resilience. The presentations were given by Dr Katalin Czakó, Associate Professor at Széchenyi University, Dr Szabolcs Rámháp, Associate Professor at the University of Széchenyi and Ana Lúcia Marto Sargento, Associate Professor at the Technical University of Leiria. Participants were asked to describe their own regional innovation ecosystems, the local specificities of higher education-industry and social partnerships and identify impact mechanisms that strengthen these types of partnerships in their countries.

The last programme of the semester, in May, focused on the social sciences, including sociology. Dr Péter Tóth, Associate Professor at Széchenyi István University, gave a presentation on “Young Adults, Risk, Fears and Insurance”, moderated by Bridget Kirwan, Associate Professor at the Technological University of the Shannon. The workshop explored how the main fears of the current young age group can be addressed through personal risk management techniques.

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