Significant International Interest in Spraying Drones Developed with the Cooperation of SZE

Széchenyi István University, as an important player in drone research, has founded its drone development company named ABZ Innovation Kft. conjointly with ABZ Drone Kft. and MIB Invest Group Kft. The company's innovation for the international market is the agricultural spraying drone, which was a great success at one of the world's largest food industry trade fairs in Germany. Based on the scientific innovations of the university, experts claim that drone development could be followed by further success stories in the field of technology.

This year's Fruit Logistica international trade fair in Berlin broke all attendance records in its 30-year history with 2,600 exhibitors from 92 countries welcoming visitors from around 140 countries. L10, a product of ABZ Innovation Kft., a joint venture of Széchenyi István University, ABZ Drone Kft. and MIB Invest Group Kft. was introduced with huge success in the festival.

The self-developed and manufactured agricultural spraying drone - designed for domestic and European agricultural conditions - combines all the current innovations available on the market. The product offers farmers safe and easy-to-use drone technology with ongoing support and service.


The ABZ Innovaton Ltd. stand at the Berlin trade fair was a constant source of interest.

"Our company has come a long way in a short period of time, as we are now at a point where we are receiving interest from all over the world. So far, people from more than ten countries have visited us to learn more about our products. Being the first European spraying drone with a CE - providing European Union’s conformity - certificate, the new technology arises increasing interest,”

said Gyula Török, Managing Director of ABZ Drone Ltd. He also added that the first official international launch took place at one of Europe's largest food industry trade fairs, which further boosted the already significant level of interest.


The intellectual capital of Széchenyi István University is dedicated to innovative technological innovations in the spirit of sustainability.

"It became clear that there is a huge demand for a high-quality spraying drone made in Europe. At the exhibition, we not only had progressive discussions with companies from the continent, but received several enquiries from South America as well,"

 articulated the CEO. He emphasized that apart from the continuous development of the drone, the next step is   to generate as many orders as possible by means of the relationships having established, both in Hungary and on the international market.


The presentation of the drone developed with the participation of Széchenyi István University was also well attended.

"The aim of building the university’s innovation ecosystem is to produce development results that perform well on the international market. In order to achieve this, first and foremost, we need excellent research results, which we will support by launching a number of programmes. These programmes will assist the university’s international networking and the production of high quality research publications,"

 said Gábor Dósa, managing director of Uni Inno Kft., the utility company of Széchenyi István University. He added that besides supporting start-ups, the institution has been building partnerships with large companies in which the university and the industrial partner create a joint intellectual product. "Our strategic goal is to be a model institution in Central Europe in terms of R&D and innovation with companies, cooperation mechanisms and effectiveness," he said. He highlighted that searching for the best solutions to real market needs also contributes to the success of ABZ Innovation.


The video on the opening page of the Fruit Logistica website also starts with the Hungarian spraying drone.

“Since our capabilities will allow us to fully serve the global market needs, agriculture is just our first stage regarding drone development," explained István Drotár, head of the University's Digital Development Centre. As he said, apart from drone technology, Széchenyi University has been carrying out significant scientific work, research and development in a number of other areas, which collaborating with the industrial partners, can be made similarly successful. These areas include 5G developments, telecommunications, or artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles in cooperation with the university's Automotive Research Centre.

“The sectors in which the innovations are used is a key question for the university's technological achievements. With our innovative solutions, we can help the automotive industry, motor sports, telecommunications, agricultural digitalisation as well as healthcare, the future of transportation, precision farming, modern food industry and ultimately sustainability,"he concluded.

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