Silver medal for SZE’s team at the Universities Regatta presented by Gránit Bank

Széchenyi István University’s team finished in second place from the eight competitors at the Gránit Bank Universities Regatta, organized as a side event of the European Rowing Championship in Szeged. First place went to the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and third place to Corvinus University of Budapest.

University rowing has a long tradition in many countries around the world, and Hungary has joined this tradition with the first ever University Regatta. Eight higher education institutions entered teams in the competition, with eight students in each team to represent their universities. The organizers regarded it as great success that so many young people are interested in this branch of sport. The event was characterized by excellent results and an incredibly good atmosphere.

The silver medal winning team of Széchenyi István University. The silver medal winning team of Széchenyi István University. (Photo: Hungarian Rowing Federation)

The competition was one of the side events of the European Rowing Championships held between 25 and 28 April, hosted by the National Kayak-Canoe and Rowing Olympic Centre in Maty-ér, in Szeged, which has world-class infrastructure. The event was attended by more than 600 athletes from 34 countries, who competed in 32 events.

Members of Széchenyi István University’s silver medal winning team at the Universities Regatta: Márton Józsa, Márió Glázer, Fanni Fazekas, Viandt Léna, Benedek Pető, Amir Shah, Roland Szigeti, Péter Lacsik, navigator: Luca Csiza-Pák


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